Experiencing Jerusalem Night Life


Private tour in JerusalemJerusalem, Israel’s capital city, has enormous religious significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In addition to its rich history, however, it has also become a thriving city with a rich modern culture.  It is a city with many cultures that all come together within their day to day.


During your trip to Israel, don’t miss out on the night life in Jerusalem!  Jerusalem comes alive at night, with a whole different feeling. Whether you are here on a family trip to Israel, a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, a Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, or with no children at all, there are always fun things to do.  If you are traveling with Dekel Tours, we will give you recommendations of the many places that you can go to experience the night life.


Some night activities include:


  • For those looking for an interesting, family friendly activity, there is the Sound and Light show at the Tower of David. Enjoy the evening weather and see the Citadel light up as history comes to life, passing before your eyes and inviting you in. A fun, interesting activity with an added value, that can be a great idea also if you’re coming on a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel.


  • Day tour in Jerusalem
    Ben Yehuda st. in Jerusalem
    If you would rather just wander around, another great place to check out during your family trip to Israel is Ben Yehuda Street. It is filled with many shops, great for buying gifts, as well as many delicious restaurants, including places to eat falafel and shawarma. At the bottom of the street, there is also a small night market, with beautiful Israeli made jewelry, wooden crafts, and more.


  • The First Station is another great place to go in the evening, with many restaurants, Italian, meat, hummus, cafes, etc. There is also a great ice cream shop for dessert! If you happen to be there on the right night, they often have bands playing or sometimes even show outdoor movies. The station is also partially covered, so even if it’s raining there’s no problem!


  • If you are in Jerusalem on a Friday evening, going to the Western Wall is a once in a lifetime experience. Join thousands from all different backgrounds as they gather to welcome in the Sabbath.


  • Machane Yehuda
    Machane Yehuda
    Credit: Laliv, Pikiwiki.org.il
    Any night is a great time to visit Machane Yehuda. A market place during the day, Machane Yehuda comes alive with a totally new vibe at night, and can be a great place to visit at the end of a day tour in Jerusalem. Every night other than Fridays, when the stalls close down, the bars begin to open and expand. They open up tables throughout the alleyways and invite a new hustle and bustle. Whether or not you are interested in sitting for a drink, Machane Yehuda is also famous for its nighttime graffiti tours. As the stalls close, their doors are covered with graffiti depicting everything from the contents of the store, to many famous figures, Israeli and elsewhere, modern and historical.


  • If you’re looking to wind down, Cinema City is the place to go, with delicious restaurants ranging from burgers to sushi, and a huge movie theater with numerous options in English to go take a break.


  • Depending on when you come, there may also be a play or musical theater in English! The English speaking community theater in Jerusalem is thriving, with many different theater groups performing all different types of shows throughout the year.


  • Machane Yehuda
    Machane Yehuda
    Credit: Laliv, Pikiwiki.org.il
    As in most cities, there is always live music to find at local bars. Machane Yehuda often has at least one or two bands playing at night, Red & White wine bar invites local bands, as well as Mike’s Place and many other bars.


When you’re on your private tour in Israel, don’t miss out on the night life in Jerusalem.  At Dekel Tours, we are happy to give you recommendations and help find what your family would most enjoy! From evening tours to shows to just winding down, there is something for everyone.



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