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Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel, the ultimate rite of passage
Family Trips to Israel Offer a Lifetime of Memories
Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel, experience the journey together
Private Tours in Israel customized Just for you
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At Dekel Tours, we take a unique approach to your Israel tour. We’ll partner with you to plan your trip to Israel and treat it as if it were our own. From the earliest phases of planning until you board the plane home, we’re dedicated to creating your perfect Israel experience. With our personalized assistance and attention, we assure your comfort and security at every stage, and you’ll never be alone while you’re in the country. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day during your private tour in Israel, and whatever type of trip you choose you’ll be treated as a VIP! Be prepared to return home with memories that will last a lifetime!

israel private tours
Connect with the land of the Jewish people by experiencing your Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Every detail of your custom-designed Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel will be tailored to meet your specific needs and wants, resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime trip for the whole family. See Israel as you've only imagined with one of our talented private tour guides, who will take you through over 5000 years of rich history and tradition, from antiquity to the present.
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israel private tours
Come commemorate your Bat Mitzvah surrounded by the spectacular landscapes of Israel! Whether you're dreaming of a big celebration, reading the Parasha at sunrise overlooking the breathtaking views of the Land of the Jewish people, or anything in between, we will work with you to make your Bat Mitzvah vision a reality. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience with our Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel designed specifically for you.
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israel private tours
Embark on an exciting, spiritual, and life-changing journey with those you love the most! All of our family trips to Israel are personally catered to your family's specific needs and interests. Couples, families with children of all ages, and multi-generational tours are our specialty! We'll adapt your family trip to Israel to your group so that everyone has a great time! Everyone from first-time visitors to family members who have been to Israel numerous times will experience a unique and unforgettable trip, creating memories to last a lifetime!
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Israel hotels

We know how hard it can be to find the right hotel, especially when you're travelling overseas. Let us take the worry out of your trip-planning! We will take the same care in choosing your hotels that we take in creating your perfect, all-inclusive private Israel trip. We will make sure that your hotels cater to your family's needs and preferences, whether you're looking for family suites or a private chalet, high-end luxury or funky styling; whether you want to be right in the middle of the action or off the beaten track; whether you're looking for beachfront or spectacular city views. We're not limited to a small number of hotel "partners," and because we're a local travel agency, we can secure your rooms at competitive rates. Ask us for a quote today!

About Dekel Tours

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