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When you need a regional expert who can provide the
level of service and quality that your clients are expecting.

Looking for the best Israel Tour Agency for your clients?

We treat every trip we create as if it were our own — whether our guests come to us directly or from another agent.

Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe in the value of human relationships. We’ll always do our part to nurture those relationships: with our guests, with our suppliers, with our partners. When it comes to curating extraordinary travel experiences, Dekel Tours stands out as the best Israel tour agency. We are your gateway to crafting luxury Israel tours that leave an indelible mark on your clients’ memories.

As a seasoned Israel tour operator with a dedicated team of travel specialists, we understand that every journey is unique to your clients. From showcasing hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track destinations to designing personalized itineraries, our expertise transforms luxury travel into an art form. Your clients deserve five-star service, and that’s what we deliver – a seamless blend of exclusivity, authenticity, and unparalleled satisfaction. Collaborate with us today and let’s elevate your clients’ Israel experience together!

Dedicated agents

When you partner with Dekel Tours, you will have your own dedicated agent for all of your valued clients. We want your experience with Dekel to be easy, efficient, and pleasant, and we won’t rest until your clients (and you) are completely satisfied with their custom tour package. And you can rest assured that from the moment they land in Israel, they’ll have the complete 24/7 support and backing of Dekel Tours.

Happy agent. Happy traveler.

Simply put, we’re all about making our guests happy. Every trip we create is designed to take travelers on an unforgettable journey. Your high-end FITs and intimate small groups are in for the adventure of a lifetime. Family vacations, special events, political delegations, incentive travel, faith-based trips, yoga retreats, Jordan and Egypt extensions…


You’ll always get to decide how you want the partnership to work. We’re happy to have you connect us with your clients so we can handle all the planning and adjusting (and pay your commission). You may also choose to remain your client’s sole contact until they arrive in Israel. And if you feel like having it both ways, we’re happy to make that work as well.

Personal travel concierge

We’ll take care of everything while your clients are our guests. Starting with a tour package that includes everything your client will need while they’re in Israel (hotels, transportation, touring services, meals, activities, etc.), we’re happy to arrange any extras, too: dinner reservations, recommendations, upgrades, last-minute changes, event planning services, special requests, and more. Anything. Anytime.

Private Israel Tour Packages

These pre-packaged tours are perfectly uncomplicated and ready to go! All of our pre-built packages are available at the Deluxe (4-star), Luxury (5-star), or Luxury Exclusive (5-star +) levels, and they’re fully commissionable and easy to book on behalf of your clients.

Explore our amazing Private Israel Tour Packages and find the once-in-a-lifetime Israel trip that’s perfect for your valued client.

This is Israel: The Highlights Tour

10 Days/9 Nights in luxury hotels.

The Israel Highlights Tour brings you all of Israel’s heavy hitters in one amazing journey. Embark on a private luxury tour of Israel, from the glitter of modern Tel Aviv to the ancient splendor of Jerusalem and all the incredible places in between. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do and see while still maintaining a comfortable pace.

Jewish Roots: The Heritage Tour

10 Days/9 Nights in luxury hotels.

The Heritage Tour weaves together snapshots from the history of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel: from the forefathers to the sages, from the pioneers to the high tech innovators. Explore over 3000 years of culture, history, and heritage on a once-in-a-lifetime private luxury travel experience for Jewish travelers. Journey through time and tradition and find a piece of yourself in The Land.

Land of the Bible: Christian Holy Land Tour

10 Days/9 Nights in luxury hotels.

The Christian Holy Land Tour is a journey through the history of the Holy Land: to the ancient roots of Christianity, to the life and teachings of Jesus, to the millennia of Church life and more. From the lush Galilean Landscape to the splendor of Jerusalem and all the places in between, you’ll be amazed at how much you can do and see while still maintaining a comfortable pace.

Best of Israel: The Culinary & Wine Tour

10 Days/9 Nights in luxury hotels.

The Culinary and Wine Tour brings you the best of Israel’s incredible food and wine scene on your journey through the country’s historical, cultural, and natural landmarks. Through local open-air markets, traditional cooking workshops, boutique wineries, scrumptious street food stands, and all the fascinating places in between, you’ll be amazed at how much you can do and see (and eat and drink) while still maintaining a comfortable pace.

Best of Israel: The Outdoor Adventure Tour

11 Days/10 Nights in luxury hotels.

The Outdoor Adventure Tour is the perfect tour of Israel for people who love to get outside and play. Discover all the wonders of Israel on this luxury tour that’s built to keep your heart-rate elevated. Smash your step counter and join us for an incredible journey over the hills, through the deserts, into the craters, and all over this beautiful land.

Egypt, Jordan & Israel: The Archaeological Wonders

20 Days/19 Nights in luxury hotels.

This amazing excursion will take you through the region’s most incredible ancient sites. See the Great Pyramids and the magnificent ruins along the Nile River in Egypt; Visit the ancient Rose Red City of Petra and beyond in Jordan, and tour Israel’s incredible historical sites from Jerusalem to the Galilee and more.

Contact us today so you can start working with Dekel Tours to provide once-in-a-lifetime Israel travel packages to your valued clients.

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Custom-designed private Israel tours

Looking for a trusted Israel tour operator for your FIT or private group’s tailor-made Israel tour? Whoever the travelers, whatever their needs, we’ll personally handcraft their luxury tour package around them. We always put the same care and consideration into each trip we custom design, whether it’s for one of our own clients or for one of our partner’s. Discover what Dekel Tours can do for you and your valued clients.

Fabulous luxury trip extensions to nearby destinations

Smash that bucket list! Check out these amazing tour packages in Egypt, Jordan, and the Emirates. All extensions offer comprehensive private touring packages in high-end luxury accommodations.

Egyptian Wonders: Cairo, Pyramids & Nile Cruise

Private 10 day / 9 night tour in luxury accommodations, including a spectacular 4 night Nile Cruise through iconic archaeological sites. Tour highlights: the Pyramids at Giza, Old Cairo and the Khan el-Khalili suq, the Mighty Sphinx, Luxor, and much more!

Enjoy the Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi & More!

Private 7 day / 6 night tour in luxury accommodations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Tour highlights include: Old and New Dubai, including a visit to the 148th floor of the Burj Khalifa; incredible Desert Safari and traditional hospitality, and much more!

Incredible Jordan: The Ultimate Jordan Tour

Private 6 day / 5 night tour in luxury accommodations, including all the best of Jordan. Tour highlights include: traditional desert hospitality in Wadi Rum, a mind-blowing tour of the Lost City of Petra, a Dead Sea retreat, and tour of capital city Amman.

Pyramids & Beyond: Mini-Egypt – Giza, Cairo & Luxor

Private 6 day / 5 night tour of Egypt in luxury accommodations. Tour highlights: The Pyramids at Giza, the Mighty Sphinx, Karnak, the Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Old Cairo and the Khan el-Khalili suq, and much more!

Dazzling Dubai: Mini-UAE – Dubai Getaway

Private 5 day / 4 night tour in luxury accommodations in the economic heart of the UAE. Tour highlights include: modern and classical Dubai, desert hospitality, a day trip to Abu Dhabi, and plenty of down-time and shopping opportunities for all.

Red Desert Adventure: Mini-Jordan: Wadi Rum & Petra

Private 5 day / 4 night tour in luxury accommodations with the stunning red desert landscape all around. Tour highlights include: a relaxing day of water sports or beach time in Aqaba, desert hospitality in Wadi Rum, and a fabulous tour of Petra.

Your Israel luxury travel concierge

Call us picky, finicky, fussy, demanding, and difficult to please — we’re OK with that. We have high standards when it comes to the kinds of tours we create and operate. It starts with a hand-crafted itinerary custom designed to help your client truly connect to this fascinating country. But we don’t stop there. We’re out vetting tour guides, inspecting hotel rooms, tasting food (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it), sniffing vehicles, and testing experiences so we can be absolutely sure that every moment of your client’s trip meets or exceeds our exacting expectations.