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Arrive happy at each amazing stop on your custom itinerary

Enjoy seamless transitions from site to site, from city to city — from the moment you arrive in Israel.

Your custom tour package includes all your transportation needs while you’re touring Israel: airport transfers on arrival and departure days; touring within and between cities and regions; even domestic flights to and from Eilat for mini-vacations and Jordan extensions. Your personal Tour Specialist will also be happy to arrange private transportation for an evening out or on leisure days!

Family Vehicles

Parties of up to 6 travelers are provided roomy cars/SUVs (up to 3 guests) or minivans (up to 6 guests). These well-equipped vehicles will comfortably transport you and all your luggage as you journey through Israel. Your private tour guide will serve as your driver, making it possible for the sight-seeing to continue even while you’re in transit.

Vans & Minibuses

Parties of between 7 and 25 travelers are provided a larger vehicle and a private driver for all of their touring needs. The range of vehicles includes luxury vans, minibuses, and midibuses, which are well-equipped with everything you might need as you’re tracing your custom-designed travel itinerary all over Israel.

Charter Buses

Larger groups are provided a full-sized tour bus and private driver for their touring needs. These well-appointed coaches are fully-equipped and designed to smoothly and comfortably transport you and your party (as well as all your luggage) everywhere on your exciting touring itinerary.

Luxury Vehicles

While our standard vehicles are anything but “standard,” we’re also happy to provide upgraded vehicles for all group sizes. These ultra high-end vehicles are exceptionally roomy and comfortable, equipped with high-end and high-tech finishing touches, and stocked daily with cold beverages to enjoy while you’re out and about.

To learn more about all your transportation options, contact us for a consultation with one of our expert Tour Specialists.