Private Tours in Israel

When you’re planning a trip to Israel, you might find yourself wondering what kind of tour is right for you. While group tours offer certain advantages (namely, that you can see a lot without having to make a million arrangements yourself), the downsides are clear: you’re signing up for a vacation that was designed in order to please as many strangers as can fit onto a tour bus! Dekel Tours provides private tours in Israel, customized just for you (and we won’t force you to wear your free hat). We know that one size does not fit all, and we believe that your unforgettable family trip to Israel should be designed around your interests, need, and preferences. See the Israel you want to see on a private tour in Israel. We work with groups of all shapes and sizes (and budgets)! Bring your Jewish identity to life on our meaningful and inspiring Family tours and Bar & Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel. Create an enriching and exciting Israel experience with a Community Israel tour for your synagogue, youth group, or other group. Looking to experience the finer side of Israel? We’ve got luxury tours in Israel covered, too. Israel has so much to offer; tell us what you want, and we will make it happen! 

Family Trips To Israel

Family Israel Tours
Dekel Tours create unforgettable memories on family trips to Israel! Our customized multi-age group tours are fun, exciting and educational.
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Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel

Bar Mitzvah Tours in the holy land
If you are looking to connect your child with his Jewish identity, we will arrange an exciting Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel including the ceremony, for an unforgettable experience.
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Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel

Bat Mitvah Tour in Israel
Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel bring your girls’ Bat Mitzvah tutoring to life! Come and explore your connection to Israel and deep roots to Judaism.
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Luxury Day Tours in Israel

Private Day Tours in Israel
See the Israel you want to see when you want to see it on luxury day tours in Israel. We will design private day tours to fit your schedule and interests.
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Community Israel Tours

Communitty Israel Tours
Your Israel private tour guide takes your community on an exciting and spiritual tour designed to exceed your wildest imagination.
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Private Holy Land Tours

Holy Land Tours
Private Holy Land Tours connect you to your Christian roots while learning about Israel’s past and present. Start crafting your holy land tour now.
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Specialty Tours

Specialty Israel Tours
Tweak your private tours in israel to include and focus on your favorite things. Spend extra time enjoying food, wine, photography, evening diving etc.
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School Trips to Israel

School trips to Israel
Israel is the perfect classroom! Enhance your school’s curriculum with Israel trips that bring your student’s lessons to life.
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