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Create a special day as unique as
your bar/bat mitzvah kid

Celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah in Israel can be an incredible experience for the whole family. Marking this significant Jewish milestone in the Land of Israel is especially meaningful for many families, so it may be helpful to start thinking early about how you and your bar/bat mitzvah kid would like to commemorate the occasion.

Planning a bar/bat mitzvah in Israel can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for families from abroad. Plain and simple, it’s not easy to plan an event from far away, even if you’re planning a relatively small one. It’s nice to have a local expert in your corner — someone who can help you turn your vision of the perfect day into a reality. At Dekel Tours, we don’t know any cookie-cutter people, so we don’t plan cookie-cutter bar/bat mitzvah trips in Israel. Tell us about you, the mitzvah kid, and your mitzvah day wishlist, and we’ll help you come up with an unforgettable event that’s designed especially for you.

What goes into an amazing bar/bar mitzvah in Israel?

The bar/bat mitzvah ceremony

Obviously, every family has its own traditions and preferences when it comes to this important rite of passage, but there are a few things just about every family ought to think about when planning the ceremony. Choosing the perfect venue, finding a rabbi or cantor to help with the preparation and to officiate at the ceremony, and determining the best way to capture the event are among the most important decisions in the planning process.

Whether you already have a solid picture of what you’d like or you’re starting from scratch, it can be helpful to consult with a local expert.

Celebrating the bar/bat mitzvah kid

Regardless of where the ceremony takes place, the next question for many families is where/how to commemorate the occasion. Maybe you want to take the family out for a celebratory meal? Perhaps you’d rather celebrate with an interactive experience that’s fun for the whole family? You may also be looking for a way to build a connection to Jewish heritage or the Land of Israel. For many families, the answer is all of the above.

Regardless of how you choose to commemorate, it’s always easier to have someone with boots on the ground here in Israel and plenty of experience coordinating all the various moving parts.

Mitzvah projects

If your bar/bat mitzvah kid is looking for an opportunity to forge a strong connection with Israel, a mitzvah project can be a wonderful way to make that happen. Whatever your kid’s passion, adding a morning or day (or more) of service during your Israel tour is a great option for many families.

Anything from helping raise money for a local organization, pitching in at a food bank, hosting a special meal for lone soldiers, cleaning up a hiking trail, spending time with older adults or at-risk youth, or just about anything you can think of, we’re glad to help you put it all together.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel

A unique Israel experience to honor your bar/bat mitzvah kid is a wonderful way for the whole family to explore their Jewish heritage and build a lasting relationship with Israel. While you’re in Israel, we’d love to help you explore the country and make memories that will last a lifetime. Dekel Tours specializes in custom-designed private family tours in Israel, and we’d love to help your family celebrate this special milestone. Whether you’ll be creating a bat or bar mitzvah tour in Israel, we can’t wait to build a family tour that’s perfectly suited to your preferences and tastes.

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Family celebrating brother and sister's b'nai mitzvah in the ruins of an ancient synagogue in Katzrin Israel
Family celebrating brother and sister's b'nai mitzvah in the ruins of an ancient synagogue in Katzrin Israel

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