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Enjoy a rich cultural exploration of
the flavors, aromas, and gastronomical
heritage of Israel

Private Culinary Tours in Israel

One of our favorite ways to explore a new country is through the local cuisine, and Israel has a fascinating culinary story to tell! A private culinary tour is an incredible opportunity for meaningful cultural exchanges that take place around a table, in a local market, in the fields, and all over this beautiful land. From family farms and kitchens to boutique wineries and chef restaurants, the local culinary traditions run deep. We can’t wait to help you discover all the flavors of Israel.

Local Markets

Exploring the local open-air markets (shuk, in Hebrew; suq, in Arabic) is a must when touring Israel. Luckily, there is no shortage of markets in Israel, and we think there are few true cultural experiences more authentic than visiting a market, ogling the bounty of fresh produce, and sampling the favorite street foods of the locals. Market tours are fantastic opportunities to follow a local food expert through the maze of stalls and stands, discover the secret culinary treasures hidden within, and enjoy the quintessentially Israeli chaos of market shopping.


Locals have been producing wine in Israel for thousands of years, but there has been a renaissance in Israel’s wine scene in recent years. The result is a wave of boutique wineries that have sprouted up all over the country. Virtually anywhere you go in Israel, you can enjoy a winery visit full of breathtaking views, quality wines, and fascinating personal and business stories.

Israel’s wine scene is characterized by the same entrepreneurial spirit that makes this Start-Up Nation tick. A local winery visit is a great way to discover what makes Israeli winemaking unique, from the use of advanced agricultural technologies to rediscovering the lost secrets of winemaking from the biblical age.

Farm Visits

Get an up-close introduction to regional produce from a culinary and historical perspective. This is one of our favorite ways to discover local culinary traditions and truly connect with the Land of Israel through its wonderful agricultural offerings. Farm visits are also a wonderful opportunity to engage kids with fun, educational hands-on activities.

Local farms are a gateway to the ancient culinary traditions as well as the modern agricultural innovations of Israel. From sustainable livestock care to growing food in harsh climates, ancient olive oil presses, and more, there is so much to discover on a local farm visit.

Culinary Workshops

We love encouraging our guests to learn some local culinary traditions in a fun and interactive cooking workshop. Not only will you have a chance to explore the local flavors, you’ll also be able to discover the regional culture and pick up a few cooking secrets to bring home with you.

The possibilities are endless. Discover your ancient culinary heritage through cheese or pita making; learn the art of blending spices and creating za’atar; hone your hummus-making skills; make ice cream, pralines, or chocolate alongside local artisans; explore the market-to-table traditions of professional chefs, and more.

Local Hospitality

The table is an amazing place for cultural exchange, and no trip to Israel would be complete without an opportunity to dine with local hosts. You can experience desert life and the warm hospitality of a Bedouin community as you learn about the rich Bedouin culture, share a pot of traditional coffee or tea, and enjoy a lavish feast in a Bedouin tent in the middle of the desert.

You can also discover the world of Druze culture and cooking at a home hospitality where you’ll be invited to share a meal with your hosts as they introduce you to their community and traditions. If experiencing local culture and making meaningful connections to the people of Israel are on your list of travel goals, we’d love to make that happen while we host you here!

Private Culinary Tours with Dekel Tours

We at Dekel Tours love getting to know our clients as we custom design their private Israel tours. All we do is once-in-a-lifetime trips for couples, families, friends, communities, and other types of groups. If your travel dreams don’t fit into a cookie-cutter culinary tour of Israel, let Dekel Tours create the trip that perfectly reflects your interests and preferences. We’ll hand-pick the best sites and activities available to match those interests and create an unforgettable, bucket-list experience designed especially for you.

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Three oak wine barrels seen in a boutique winery on a culinary tour of northern Israel
Three oak wine barrels seen in a boutique winery on a culinary tour of northern Israel

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