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Planning an Israel trip that
your entire family will enjoy

Many families delay planning an Israel trip, worried about traveling with young children. We know that crossing the globe with little ones in tow can be challenging, but there are so many wonderful ways to create magical experiences for the whole family. With smart planning and an expert in your corner, there’s no reason to put off your family trip to Israel! The key is planning smart days (keeping the number of daily activities manageable), striking the right balance between sight-seeing and activities, and traveling with an incredible private tour guide who is an expert in making the stops on your itinerary accessible and enjoyable for the whole family (grown-ups too).

Read on to learn about some of our favorite things to do in Israel with kids of all ages.

Archaeological dig

There’s no better way to explore the fascinating ancient history underfoot here in Israel than to dig through the rocks and dirt and discover some of it with your own two hands! Become an archaeologist for a few hours and see what treasures lay below the surface. Let’s be honest, younger children don’t always thrive in a museum environment. Here is a great way to bring the museum to them. Plus, you’re allowed (nay, encouraged) to get dirty!

Animals and nature

Do your children love animals? There are many things to do with kids in Jerusalem, but stop by the Biblical Zoo where you can see the animals mentioned in the Bible (as well as interesting descriptions and passages included for adults to enjoy). If you visit Tel Aviv, there is the safari in Ramat Gan where you can drive within the animals’ habitats and get to know them up close! Interested in a more natural experience? Visit the Hula Valley during migration season (October through April) to see the birds that come through on their way north or south.

Fruit and vegetable picking

Whether as a volunteer project or just for your own enjoyment there are places all over Israel to pick different fruits and vegetables. Learn about local agriculture and the technological advances that keep Israel green while you’re out in the fields experiencing it for yourself. Seasonal fruit picking can be a great activity for the whole family. Or you can engage the kids while also lending a hand to those in need by harvesting fresh produce that will get donated to a local food bank. It’s a great idea for younger siblings while on a bar/bat mitzvah tour in Israel.

Jeep rides

It’s bouncy, bumpy fun for the whole family! A jeep excursion is a great way to explore the country off-road. Whether through the Judean Desert, Golan Heights, Ramon Crater, Jerusalem Hills, or anywhere else, you will get to see parts of the country otherwise out of reach. Jeep tours are a great way to keep everyone smiling while exploring the nature and history of Israel. Plus, riding in a jeep is always exciting!

Hands-on food workshops

Israel has amazing food — from incredible family dairy farms to open-air markets to artisan praline factories. Your kids will love visiting a local dairy, where they’ll get to pet and feed the cows and see how dairy products like milk, cheese, and ice cream get made. Lactose intolerant (or not a fan of cow smell)? Visit a chocolate or praline workshop and make your own delicious confections. You may also like bread-making, pressing olives, or learning the secret to making the best hummus. No matter your tastes, there’s an option for everyone.

Camels and donkeys!

Whether you’re up north or down south, there are plenty of opportunities to ride camels or learn how to herd donkeys (and often pair it with baking your own pita!). At numerous places, you can take a look back in time and experience what it was like to live in the time of our ancestors — before cars, trucks, and even bicycles. You can also visit Bedouin communities and enjoy their hospitality, ride a camel, and even sleep in a Bedouin tent!

Water hikes

Throughout Israel, there are natural springs, rivers, streams, and waterfalls where you can take an easy hike that’s just the right speed for the whole family! Jump into the natural pools (or just stick your feet in and enjoy the cool water), walk through water tunnels or outdoor streams, or take the gang kayaking or rafting. The options are endless! You can also plan a ceremony in a nature reserve surrounded by Israel’s unrivaled natural beauty.

Whether your children are interested in animals, food, digging, art, rides, or anything else, there are plenty of options here in Israel! Dekel Tours is happy to help plan the perfect trip to meet your unique needs and preferences. We can include any of these and many more child-friendly ideas that will ensure that everyone is able to have the trip of a lifetime!

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Trees and flowers at the beautiful Baha'i Temple gardens in Haifa while on a tour of Israel
Trees and flowers at the beautiful Baha'i Temple gardens in Haifa while on a tour of Israel

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