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Making a difference during your Israel trip

Volunteering in Israel

If connecting to your heritage, encountering new cultures, and creating lasting memories are part of your trip plans, read on to discover how you can incorporate a volunteer experience into your upcoming Israel trip.

Engaging with people and communities

Volunteering is an incredible way to make lifelong connections by working alongside the individuals who are out there every day striving to improve people’s lives. In just about every field you can think of, these everyday heroes are creating an impact and changing society. Just let us know what your interests are, and we’ll connect you to the people and organizations who are making a difference.

Get your hands dirty!

A volunteer experience that involves rolling up your sleeves and pitching in can be a wonderful way to spend a few hours during your Israel trip. This type of experience really allows volunteers to feel the immediate impacts of their efforts, and they’re great for volunteers of all ages.

Families interested in food justice will find many outlets for their passion here. Volunteer opportunities such as picking produce that will be donated to needy families or helping pack food donations to be delivered around the community can easily be incorporated into your itinerary.

Reaching out

Volunteering in the community can also be an extraordinarily meaningful experience. We would be thrilled to connect you to a social service agency that works in a field that interests you.

Spending time engaging with older Israelis or at-risk youth is a great way to encounter Israeli society on a deeper level. Organizing a BBQ for lone soldiers, playing with kids in the children’s ward of a local hospital, and helping clean up hiking trails around the country are experiences with the potential to leave a lasting mark not only on the people you help but also on yourselves.

Mitzvah projects

Many teens choose to incorporate a mitzvah project into their b’nai mitzvah Israel trips. From service days to fund-raising drives, there are countless ways to give back as part of a Bat or Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

A mitzvah project in Israel is a particularly special way for teens and families to forge a lifelong connection to Israel or explore their Jewish heritage. And it’s a great opportunity for teens to put their personal stamp on their family’s Israel trip. Environmental stewardship, social or political activism, helping families in need, or anything else — we’re happy to help your teen bring their mitzvah project to life.

Speak to your tour specialist about adding a volunteer or service experience to your itinerary.

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Bar mitzvah boy volunteering in Israel playing with a baby in a hospital while on a family bar mitzvah tour in Israel.
Bar mitzvah boy volunteering in Israel playing with a baby in a hospital while on a family bar mitzvah tour in Israel.

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