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Explore Jerusalem at your family’s pace

For many families, Jerusalem is the centerpiece of their private Israel tour. With so much to see and do, it makes sense to plan your visit around your family’s interests and travel preferences.

Family Trip to Jerusalem

A family visit to Jerusalem can be a life-changing experience. In a city as steeped in religious, historical, cultural, and geopolitical significance, it would be easy to spend weeks there and never run out of things to do. Of course, most families don’t have weeks to spend in Jerusalem, and, with so many other places to visit in Israel, it’s crucial to plan your time there wisely.

Our approach to trip planning is simple: we know every family has different needs and interests, so we’ll customize your itinerary around you. We’ll work to strike a good balance that takes into consideration every family member’s mobility and energy levels. We’ll keep the pace comfortable and match your family with a private tour guide who specializes in multi-generational tours. We know how to keep everyone engaged while creating meaningful and enriching Israel experiences for the whole family.

Jerusalem, Uncomplicated

A trip to the capital of Israel can undoubtedly provide both religious and secular experiences, as well as historical and contemporary ones. But you may feel daunted by the considerable variety of options offered by Jerusalem and find it difficult to navigate the trip-planning process.

Dekel Tours creates custom family trips to Israel and will design your trip to Jerusalem while ensuring that it’s the perfect fit for your family. Family trips are our specialty (and our passion!), so we have a wealth of experience in planning family-oriented vacations that are designed to engage and interest the whole family while setting the right pace for each group.

Your Private Israel Tour Guide

We think one of the most important elements of a successful family tour of Jerusalem is your private tour guide. Once we’ve gotten to know you, we’ll match you with a fantastic guide who will spice up your tour with the perfect blend of fascinating stories, humor, and historical and cultural context, so you get the most out of your tour. Dekel Tours’ experienced guides have extensive knowledge of Jerusalem and are specialists in making its rich history accessible to everyone. By the end of your tour, your guide will feel like part of the family.

Experiential Jerusalem

We think the best way to engage kids (and adults) during a tour of Jerusalem is to pepper the sightseeing with a few experiential sites. While in the Old City, your family might enjoy a walk along the ramparts, up above the city walls. Add an underground tunnel tour for the full experience! You can walk through an ancient underground aqueduct or the ongoing excavations underneath the Western Wall. These are fantastic ways to truly experience the city’s history.

Machne Yehuda Market

Time to take a break! A tour of Machne Yehuda Market in the center of the city is an authentic and unique Jerusalem experience for the entire family. The alleys of the market offer colors and fragrances, a delightful atmosphere that will sweep you off your feet into a most splendid adventure of food and bargaining.

Explore the city’s vibrant culture, food, and street art through an engaging stroll through Israel’s most storied open-air market. After a morning of museums or historical sites, a market tour is the perfect way to reinvigorate your travel-weary crew.

Celebrating a special event in Jerusalem

You might be celebrating a special event, such as a bar/bat mitzvah, and see this tour as an opportunity to connect with your heritage and mark the special occasion at the heart of the Jewish world. Your Jerusalem visit offers a wealth of opportunities to commemorate the occasion with plenty of venues and activities to include as part of your celebrations.

With a bar/bat mitzvah at the center of your private Israel tour, your time in Jerusalem takes on even greater significance, and Dekel Tours is here to help you make sure your special event is the perfect reflection of your family.

Planning Your Private Israel Tour

Jerusalem is one of the most amazing, complex, and fascinating cities in the world, and there is no possible way to experience it all on one trip. At Dekel Tours, our approach is to get to know you and build an Israel tour around your unique interests and preferences. When you visit Jerusalem as part of your private Israel tour, you can be sure you’re getting the perfect taste of all this incredible city has to offer.

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Extended family overlooking Jerusalem from Goldman Promenade on a family bar mitzvah tour in Israel.
Extended family overlooking Jerusalem from Goldman Promenade on a family bar mitzvah tour in Israel.

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