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Dekel Tours expert review

Location: Jerusalem
Hotel type: Full Service
Budget: Luxury

Dekel Tours rating: 5/5

Why do we love the David Citadel?

It’s the perfect blend of elegant luxury and family-friendly with top-notch service, beautiful rooms, and an unbeatable location. Their consistently high quality and excellent customer service make them one of our favorite hotels in the country. While all the rooms are great, we recommend springing for an Old City view room (our favorite is the Alcove Deluxe).

About the hotel

The David Citadel is a one-of-a-kind fusion of ancient and contemporary. Located on the seam between modern West Jerusalem and the Old City, it is just steps from such landmarks as the Jaffa Gate, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Notre Dame monastery and walking distance to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. The property boasts an outdoor pool, heated for year-round comfort, and a beautifully designed play center for children of all ages.


Breakfast Buffet
Business Lounge
Near Landmarks
City Center
Family Friendly
Fitness Center
Lobby Lounge
Heated outdoor pool