Volunteering In Israel

As amazing as it is to travel, it can be made even more special by giving back during your visit.  One of the core Jewish values is Tikkun Olam, fixing the world, so use some of your time in Israel to do so, and to make a difference in someone’s life.  No matter your interests, there is something for everyone here.  Whether you like art, spending time with children, picking fruit, and more, there is something for you.  Make your Bar or Bat Mitzvah trip in Israel even more meaningful by helping out the community while you are here!

Some of the amazing volunteer opportunities include:

Save A Child’s Heart

Located just south of Tel Aviv, Save A Child’s Heart brings children from developing countries who are in need of heart surgery in order to survive. Here in Israel, the children, along with either a mother or some other caregiver, live in a house together before and after the surgery.  Then, when they are ready for surgery, they go to a nearby hospital where doctors volunteer their services to perform the life-saving surgery.  During your family trip in Israel, visit the house where the children live, and play with the children to help keep them entertained during their days here.  You can even bring along some toys, games, crafts, or other activities either to use during your visit, or to donate for future use within the house.

volunteering on family trip in israel


Throughout Israel, farmers are required to donate some of their produce to people who are hungry. While they have no problem doing so, they do not always have the time to spend picking this food in order to donate.  That’s where you come in.  A great activity for anyone on a private tour in Israel, from a couple to a large family to a group! Head into the fields and pick what the farmer doesn’t have time to, from clementine’s to beets, whatever the need is that day.  At the end of the time, you’ll get to see and hear about just how much of a difference you’ve made!

food packaging in israel

Susan’s House

Located in Jerusalem, Susan’s house takes children at risk and gives them a positive use for their energy and time. The children come together and learn different crafting skills, from glasswork to pottery and create different products, all of which are sold to put money back into the organization that is helping them.  There are social workers and other mentors on the premises working with the children and spending time with them.  Take a tour and make some of your own pottery to take home and spread the word!

volunteering on your trip in israel

Food packaging

There are many places where you can help out by packaging food, either in a factory or making baskets with different foods for the hungry. Whether it’s just a regular day, or making special holiday packages, there is always something to prepare to send out.

Whether you are in Israel for a family trip, Bar or Bat Mitzvah trip in Israel, or even just have a little extra time during a business trip, make it extra special by giving back to the community and volunteering your time.  Here at Dekel Tours, we are happy to help schedule in volunteer projects into your touring and help recommend what we think will be most meaningful to you and your family.