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Authentic travel experiences for your private Israel tour

Our favorite tips to help you discover the real Israel

Whether this will be your first trip or your fiftieth, we want to encourage you to dive deeper into Israeli culture, history, and society. If you’re looking for authentic immersive experiences, we’d love to help you go deep on your upcoming trip.

Below is a sampling of experiences that we think tell unique stories about this fascinating country. Talk to your tour specialist about how to incorporate these and other ideas into your tour.

Food and Wine tours

The best way to learn about a culture is through its cuisine. As an ethnic melting pot (we prefer to think about it as a fruit salad), Israeli cuisine has influences from all over the world: North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, the Mediterranean, Central and Eastern Europe, and more recently the Americas and the Far East. (Of course, there’s nothing more Israeli than hummus and falafel.)

Explore an open-air market with a professional chef, visit a winery with a sommelier tour guide, and learn how to make the traditional dishes of one (or more) of Israel’s many ethnic communities. And don’t forget to ask your private tour guide where their favorite falafel stand is.

High-tech tours

Wondering what to do on your visit to Tel Aviv? Israel and especially Tel Aviv is known as a major high-tech and start-up hub. It is ranked the world’s third largest start-up ecosystem. High-tech permeates almost every facet of Israeli society: agriculture, medicine, art, defense, and more. Tech tours offer a glimpse into the wide-reaching impact technology has on everyday life and the Start-Up Nation ethos and “Innovation Eco-System” that set Israel apart on the technology world stage. You’ll get to take a look behind the scenes and see what’s developing in Israel’s start-up scene and making Tel Aviv the tech hub and global financial center it is today.

Graffiti and Art tours

As in many major cities in the world, street art and graffiti permeate Israeli urban culture. We think there’s no better way to hear the voices and social moods of a city than to explore its street art and listen to the important social, political, and cultural stories it tells.

Take a guided walking tour through Machane Yehuda with an expert Jerusalem tour guide, or Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, or even sit down with a street artist to create your own work while learning about the circumstances and events taking place in Israel that have inspired the street artists to create their pieces.

Beyond the world of graffiti, Israel’s art scene is amazingly rich and varied, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore the culture through fashion, fine art, music, and more.

Geopolitical tours

If you are interested in the current political situation in Israel, we think you might particularly enjoy a special tour that focuses on its geopolitical and military history.

Go off the beaten track on a Jeep tour along Israel’s borders with Lebanon, Syria, or Gaza. Hear the stories of the people who live and work around these borders, and learn the history of Israel’s politics and its relationship with its neighboring countries.

This is a fascinating way for visitors of all ages to learn about life in Israel, and we’re full of ideas for how to keep these experiences relevant and appropriate for everyone on a family trip to Israel.

Archaeological tours

Israel is rich with history and archaeological sites dating back thousands of years. Not only can you visit many such sites throughout the country, but at some of them, you and your family can even take an active part in digging and recovering the ancient artifacts from under the ground. Visit some of the most spectacular historical places in Israel and experience what it’s like to be an archaeologist while joining a dig for a day accompanied by professional archaeologists.

Whether you are interested in adventure, politics, history, technology, food, or art, Israel has something to offer everyone. During your private tour in Israel, you can do any combination of these activities or have one tour dedicated to a certain theme – it’s entirely up to you! Get in contact with us today to discuss.

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Residential neighborhood built into the hillside as seen on a tour of Jerusalem Israel
Residential neighborhood built into the hillside as seen on a tour of Jerusalem Israel

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With an effortless, uncomplicated experience and our quality travel services, we’re dedicated to making this your trip of a lifetime!