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Whatever the vibe, there’s a beach here for everyone.

Despite covering only a tiny geographic area, Israel is unique for the large variety of beaches it contains. From the Sea of Galilee in the North to the Red Sea in the South, from the Mediterranean in the West to the Dead Sea in the East, you can’t travel too far in any one direction without getting wet.

Sea, Sand, and Sun

With four bodies of water creating seemingly endless beach options, Israel has a beach for everyone. While traveling the country on your private tour of Israel, don’t forget to plan some relaxing beach time!

The Mediterranean Sea

Much of the western border of Israel is formed by the Mediterranean Sea’s long shoreline and dozens of beaches. Running south from up near Rosh HaNikra to past Ashkelon, the beaches along the Mediterranean coast are where you’ll find up to 70% of Israel’s population on any given Saturday in the summer. With plenty of soft sand and adjoining parkland, these beaches are hubs of activity: kids splashing in the waves, people of all ages playing paddleball, surfers and kite surfers in the early morning and late afternoon, and much more. Tel Aviv, in particular, has maximized its location on the seashore with a beautiful beachfront promenade. Come for the sand, stay for the sunset.

The Sea of Galilee (Kinneret)

In the north of the country is the Sea of Galilee, or Kinneret, which is actually a freshwater lake fed by underground streams and the Jordan River. Surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountain landscapes, there are numerous public beaches around the Kinneret. Water recreation options around the Kinneret are plentiful, from cruising in a traditional wooden boat to speed-boating, water skiing, fishing, and more.

The Red Sea

In the south of the country is Eilat – the southernmost city in Israel – located at the northern tip of the stunning Red Sea. The weather in Eilat stays warm most of the year, so it’s possible to enjoy the waterfront throughout the year, even if it’s a bit too chilly to go swimming. From taking in the beautiful coral reefs and diverse underwater ecosystem to snorkeling, dolphin encounters, and all the water sports you can possibly imagine, the shores of the Red Sea are truly a beach lover’s wonderland.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, or the Salt Sea, as it’s known in Hebrew, is a salt lake (it’s one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water), located in the Negev Desert at the lowest point on earth. Its most distinct feature is its high salt concentration, which not only makes the water somewhat unpleasant (you probably won’t last longer than 20 minutes in the water, if that long) but also makes people extra buoyant. See if you can take a selfie while floating! One of the largest draws of the Dead Sea is the abundance of rich mineral deposits, which bring wellness travelers from all over the globe to the spas and beaches of the Dead Sea. (The beach and sea floor are quite rocky in places, so we recommend coming with water shoes.)

Visiting Israel’s beaches on your private Israel tour

Private tours in Israel are the perfect solution for travelers seeking to make the most of their time in the country while taking advantage of Israel’s spectacular beaches during the trip. Dekel Tours specializes in private family trips to Israel as well as Christian Holy Land tours, Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips, Luxury Israel tours, and custom-designed trips for anyone who wants to experience all the amazing beauty, history, culture, food, nature, and more that Israel has to offer.

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Beachfront promenade and sunbathers on the sandy beaches of Tel Aviv Israel
Beachfront promenade and sunbathers on the sandy beaches of Tel Aviv Israel

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