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Jewish Family Trip To Israel

Whether coming to Israel to celebrate a child becoming a bar or bat mitzvah or simply looking to plan a meaningful family vacation, a Jewish family trip to Israel can be an incredible event for a Jewish family. Jews from all over the world come to Israel to explore their Jewish heritage at the many historical sites around the country including the ruins of the First and Second Temple in Jerusalem, the mountain fortress of Masada, and more.

Of course, there’s more to discover than ancient historical sites! Read on for some inspiration.

A Jewish journey to Israel: the story of the state of Israel

The Jewish connection to this land begins with the biblical forefathers, but for many Jewish families, the story of the modern state of Israel can be just as compelling. From the early pioneers and the underground resistance to the birth of the state and later emergence as a high-tech powerhouse, there are countless ways to explore the Jewish Homeland from a more recent perspective. Look out over Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria, visit the first kibbutz, discover the secrets of Israel’s agricultural success, and more!

Connecting to people and culture

A family trip to Israel is a wonderful way to learn about the many flavors of Jewish life in Israel. Explore the “fruit salad” of Jewish cultures that have come together from all over the world: Eastern and Central Europe, Northern Africa, Ethiopia, the Levant, Iran, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, Central Asia, and far beyond! From cuisine and art to daily cultural and religious practice, exploring the many different expressions of Judaism is an amazing way to connect to your own Jewish heritage.

Engaging the kids

Anyone who has ever traveled with their kids knows the challenge of balancing a kid-friendly trip with an itinerary that the grown-ups also find captivating and enriching. Fortunately, Israel is full of interactive and engaging sites that visitors of all ages can enjoy while exploring their heritage.

Of course, having an amazing tour guide is a must for touring Israel with kids. A private tour guide who loves guiding for families with kids knows just how to put historical and cultural sites in context so that everyone can relate and get something valuable out of their visit.

Jewish family tours: a multigenerational experience

As grandparents, parents and children come together to explore their shared heritage, a unique tapestry of connections is woven that fosters a sense of connection. A Jewish family trip to Israel provides a unique space where different generations can come together, learn from one another, and celebrate their shared identity. The blend of historical exploration, cultural immersion and personal reflection ensures that the Jewish journey to Israel becomes an enriching and transformative experience that strengthens family bonds.

Your private family Israel tour

Dekel Tours specializes in family trips to Israel. We’re regional experts with years of experience designing private Israel tours, and we love to get to know our clients so we can make sure their custom-designed itineraries perfectly match their needs and preferences. But we’re not just thinking about your itinerary. We’ll also be sure to choose hotels that make sense for you and your family as well as pair you with just the right tour guide.

Whether you’re hoping to strengthen your connection to Israel or just have an unforgettable Jewish journey to Israel (or both!), Dekel Tours is here to uncomplicate your trip planning!

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Things to do in Haifa and Northern Israel with kids

During the trip-planning stages, while we’re getting to know our guests and creating their custom-designed private Israel tours, we frequently get questions about traveling to Israel with kids. Mostly, parents want to know what experiences they can add into the tour to keep their kids engaged while touring the country’s many fascinating historical and cultural attractions. When coming on your family trip to Israel, you and your family will surely want to visit as much of the country as possible. We love the northern regions of Israel for all the amazing things they have to offer kids and visitors of all ages. From the Northern Coastal Plain, which includes Haifa, Akko, and Rosh HaNikra, east through the lovely rolling hills of the Galilee, and north to the Upper Galilee and Golan, there’s something for everyone in Israel’s north. Scroll on for answers to some FAQs about family-friendly travel in Israel’s northern regions.
Jewish family dressed in white at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem on a family trip to Israel
Jewish family dressed in white at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem on a family trip to Israel

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