The Beaches of Israel


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The Mediterranean Sea

Israel is one of the few countries in the world which have a plentitude of beaches, all so varied yet within a relatively limited geographic area. Israel’s unique location between Asia and Africa has created extraordinary landscapes, all within a short driving time. Visitors are invited to enjoy a multitude of beaches with water sports attractions and excursions in nature.

Private tours in Israel are the perfect solution for families seeking to make the most of their time in the country while taking advantage of the spectacular beaches during the trip. A travel agency that specializes in custom family trips to Israel can design a highly specific trip for the family according to its unique structure, the members’ personal interests etc. Thanks to its professional knowledge and experience in the field, this kind of agency can ensure you have an unforgettable trip which includes the most beautiful beaches every family member can enjoy in their own unique way – from relaxation and sunbathing to the most extreme and exciting water sports.


The Variety of Beaches in Israel


In Israel there are several areas where you can find breathtaking beaches:

The Mediterranean Sea

The western border of Israel is the Mediterranean Sea with its long shoreline and dozens of beaches. They begin in the north of the country with the beaches of Achziv and Haifa, continue to the central beaches of Netanya and Tel Aviv and then south to Ashkelon Beach and Nitzanim Beach.

The Sea of Galilee

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Sea of Galilee

In the north of the country is the Sea of Galilee which is a freshwater sea. It is part of the Great Rift Valley and is surrounded by beautiful mountain landscapes. It is highly recommended to visit one of the authorized swimming beaches and enjoy the cool and pleasant water.

The Red Sea

In the south of the country is Eilat – the southernmost city in Israel. Eilat is at the northern tip of the Red Sea. Its beaches are completely different to those of the Mediterranean Sea. Water temperature is different and so is the salt level. Of course there are the beautiful coral reefs which are a nature reserve that is unique in both Israel and worldwide. You can go snorkeling among the reefs or diving with the dolphins.


Visiting the Beaches in Israel


Private tours in Israel
The Red Sea

In order to know which beaches are best to visit, it is recommended to call upon a professional to coordinate all the necessary details for you so you can enjoy a customized day tour in Israel. First, you should be told in which beaches swimming is allowed. Second, a professional can combine a visit to the beach with an excursion to a certain geographic area so you save valuable time and enjoy several attractions on the same day. Finally, you can match the choice of beach to the preferred water-related activity of each family member, whether they are children who love soft sand or teenagers looking for extreme water sports.

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