Technological Israel


Israel is known as a Start Up nation and a center for technology.  Companies like Google and Facebook have major hubs here.  Others like Waze BEGAN here.  Internet and cell phones were both created in Israel.  Between the Technion University in Haifa, and the start up nation in Tel Aviv, Israel is exceeding in technological advances across the board. 

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Interested in technology?

During your family trip to Israel, let us know if you are interested in technology, and we will make sure to include these into your visit:

  • Weizmann Institute – With many pieces to explore, a special section in the Weizmann Institute which is great for kids is the Science Park! Full of interactive exhibits, it is like a scientific playground, an outdoor science museum. Explore solar power, water power, physics, and more.  See where all of the innovation begins!


  • Start up nation tour or scavenger hunt – If you’re more interested in things like Waze and Wix, ask us about the tours and scavenger hunts we can offer of up and coming start ups! Hear about some of the brilliant new ideas just starting now, and meet some of the innovators themselves. If you’re interested in a scavenger hunt, we can set you up with iPads, competing to get around different areas in the start up nation around Tel Aviv.  If you want, you can even simulate beginning your own start up.  Great for groups, families, couples, there is something for everyone.


  • Technion University – while we don’t recommend visiting the university, it is a major hub for the technological advances throughout Israel and worldwide! It is home to the foundation for many medical advances, as well as other technological advances. It is the top educator for digital technology in the world.

If tech is your field or even just an interest, make sure to include it in your visit to the country. Though it may not be your first thought when thinking about Israel, Israelis talk about it all the time, so come see what the locals love about Israel. 

Whether you are on a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, or just here for a few days, spend some time to see how Israel is contributing to the world.  Whether or not you realize it, you use Israeli made technology every day, so come see where it all began!  Though Israel of course has a lot of history, it is also important to see the history in the making, and see what Israelis are up to today.



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