Touring the North of Israel: the Galilee and Golan

Private Touring in Northern Israel

Northern Israel is one of the most popular areas for traveling in Israel. The rolling Galilean hills and Golan Heights are home to some of Israel’s most beautiful and fascinating sites. Whether you’re interested in religious history, archaeology, nature, geopolitics, rock-climbing, food and wine, or pretty much anything else, your private tour of Israel should definitely run through northern Israel.

Given the wealth of places to visit, planning a visit to the north of Israel might seem overwhelming at first. At Dekel Tours, we believe that trip planning should be our job (not yours). We’re here to uncomplicate your Israel experience. Read on to discover our winning formula for unforgettable travel experiences.

Your Visit to Israel’s North

A private tour guide, hand-picked for you

With Dekel Tours, your trip to the Galilee and Golan regions starts with your highly experienced English-speaking private tour guide. There’s simply no better way to tour the country than with a guide who will bring your custom-built itinerary to life. Whether you’re hiking through a crystal clear stream, standing in the ruins of a first-century synagogue, walking in the footsteps of Jesus, tasting locally-produced wine, or gazing out over a fraught national border, you’ll be glad you have a local guide who can help put your once-in-a-lifetime experiences into context.

Customized itinerary: you do you

Having a regional expert help you narrow down the nearly endless possibilities up in Israel’s north will allow you to get the most out of your trip. Where to go with kids, where to avoid the crowds, where to get the best hummus, where to cool off on a hot day, where to see the best views of the Sea of Galilee, and all those other “wheres” that make for an unforgettable trip.

Your custom-designed itinerary, private tour guide, hand-selected hotel accommodations, and logistical support are the perfect combination for the perfect trip to the north of Israel.

Sun's rays shining through clouds over the Sea of Galilee, Israel.

Explore the North

Here’s some inspiration for your trip to northern Israel:

  • A visit to the mystical city of Safed, a spiritual and artistic hilltop city steeped in Jewish history.
  • The Banias – a beautiful nature reserve with the country’s largest waterfall.
  • An off-road Jeep tour through the beautiful Galilee and the Golan Heights.
  • A visit to the city of Nazareth, with stops at important sites in the life of Jesus.
  • Waterfront activities in Tiberias, situated off the coast of the Sea of Galilee.
  • Hula Valley Nature Reserve – seasonal home to thousands of migratory birds and waterfowl.
  • Manara Cliff – a wonderland for climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • The archaeological ruins of the ancient Hellenistic city of Beit She’an.
  • Hamat Gader – home to mineral-rich hot springs known for their healing properties.
  • Family-friendly kayaking or rafting on the Jordan River.
  • Kfar Kedem – a tourist attraction that recreates life in Galilee 2,000 years ago.
  • A relaxing cruise on the Sea of Galilee, against the backdrop of the surrounding hills.
  • Wine tasting at one of the incredible boutique wineries in the region.
  • A hot-air balloon ride over the Jezre’el Valley.
  • Baptism in the Jordan River, a once-in-a-lifetime rite of passage.
  • A traditional Druze cooking workshop and shared meal.


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