Private Tours in Northern Israel

a lake at the Northern IsraelNorthern Israel is one of the most popular areas for traveling in Israel, being flocked by people from all corners of the country, as well as by foreign tourists. It is rich with sites, landscapes and exciting tracks. A trip to northern Israel is suitable for those who love nature and landscapes, as it is characterized by a great diversity of forests, rivers, waterfalls and streams. Dekel Tours provides private tours in Israel, which will be customized to your needs, so you explore Northern Israel worry free, and make the most of your trips.

Israel private tour guide

With Dekel Tours, you will be accompanied by a licensed and experienced, English-speaking, tour guide, who is familiar with all the various sites and attractions. Your itinerary will be designed personally to enable you to visit the places that best interest you and see and experience what you desire. Dekel Tours works with a select group of outstanding Israel private tour guides, and will make sure to choose a guide that will specialize and focus on the style and knowledge that suits you the best. A guide who is perfectly familiar with the North, and who “speaks your language”, literally and figuratively, will provide you with a once in a lifetime trip – an interesting, enriching, engaging and experiential trip. The knowledge and interest provided by such a guide will make the trip a wonderful adventure.

Customized private tours

a couple at the northern IsraelTrips to Northern Israel can be traveled throughout the year, given the mild and pleasant Israeli weather.  You can travel Northern Israel for several days, or combine a one-day trip as part of a longer trip to Israel. Dekel Tours offers customized trips that match your needs and desires – whether it is a trip planned for a couple, a group of friends, a community tour, or a family trip to Israel with children. The itinerary shall be designed as per the nature of the group and its interests. In addition to trips in the wild, a trip to Northern Israel can include attractions ranging from culinary tours, visits to authentic restaurants, a chocolate factory and wineries, and even extreme sports.

The many attractions and places which can be included in such a trip can include the following:

  • A visit to the city of Safed, a spiritual and artistic center hosting many art galleries.
  • The Banias – the country’s largest waterfall.
  • Jeep tours through the beautiful sceneries of the Galilee and the Golan Heights.
  • A visit to the city of Nazareth, which started as a small Jewish village two thousand years ago, became a stronghold of Christianity in the Byzantine period, and today forms the largest Arab city in Israel.
  • A visit to the city of Tiberias, situated off the coast of the Sea of Galilee. The city is rich with historical sites and has served as a center of rabbinical studies during the Talmudic period. In addition, the trip could include maritime sports activities.
  • Hula Lake Nature Reserve, dedicated to migratory birds and waterfowl.
  • Manara Cliff – a variety of challenging activities, ranging from the longest cable car in Israel, mountain climbing, bungee jumping and more.
  • The remains of the ancient Hellenistic city of Beit She’an.
  • Hamat Gader – a spa and recreation resort offering four mineral-rich hot springs. In addition, the site also includes a water park, a fishing lake, a crocodile reserve and a Petting zoo.
  • Family-friendly Kayaking or rafting on the Jordan River.
  • Kfar Kedem – a tourist attraction that recreates life in Galilee 2,000 years ago. Among other things, in this site you can enjoy a variety of activities such as baking bread and producing oil and cheese, in the same methods used in ancient times.
  • A cruise in the Sea of Galilee, across the sceneries of the surrounding mountains, Tiberias and Kibbutz Ein Gev.

In addition, highly popular trips in Northern Israel include private holy land tours, which combine a visit to Christian holy sites. Such tours are usually toured by foreign tourists who arrive specifically to visit Christian heritage sites such as Nazareth, the Basilica of the Annunciation, Bethlehem of Galilee, the Jordan River and Capernaum.