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Family vacation to Israel

We often hear people admit “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!” Visitors to Israel commonly find themselves feeling the need to fit as much as possible into their itineraries. Endless touring opportunities, limited time away from work and school, and traveling as a family can add to that pressure as well. The last thing we want for our guests is for them to leave Israel feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by their family vacation in Israel, so our approach is to plan touring itineraries that strike the right balance between sightseeing and downtime (hint: that balance is different for everyone!).

So, how can you avoid over-planning your Israel trip? It starts with having a local expert who can help you build an itinerary that makes sense for you and your family. Having someone knowledgeable in your corner will help you make informed decisions about what’s really a must-see and what you can skip, so you can embark on your journey worry-free. Yes, there’s a TON of information out there about traveling in Israel, but sorting through it all can easily turn into a full-time job. Isn’t it time to uncomplicate your Israel trip?

Add a mini-vacation to your Israel vacation

While Israel is a country with tons to visit and explore, it doesn’t mean that all of it needs to be intense. Even if you’re traveling with family and/or small children, there are plenty of great options for incorporating some leisure time into your itinerary.

Here are some of our favorite spots in Israel for a family mini-vacation:


Eilat is one of the most common destinations for getaways in Israel. The weather is almost always sunny, and opportunities for outdoor recreation are virtually endless. Located at Israel’s southern tip on the shores of the Red Sea, Eilat is as close as Israel gets to a resort town. While the beaches of Tel Aviv are undoubtedly better for swimming and wading (Eilat’s beaches are quite rocky — don’t worry, all the hotels have AMAZING pools), waterfront activities in Eilat are unsurpassed. Snorkeling and diving, para-sailing and water-skiing, glass-bottom boat tours, dolphin encounters, and the Underwater Observatory are just the beginning. Desert adventures like camel rides and jeep excursions are also great ways to get the most out of your family’s retreat. Even just walking along the beachfront promenade, visitors will find great shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Mitzpe Ramon

Located in the heart of Israel’s Negev desert, this unassuming town is home to one of the country’s most incredible natural treasures: the Ramon Crater. Surrounded by red- and orange-hued rock formations, Mitzpe Ramon is an exceptionally beautiful place to spend a couple of days (or more) relaxing and enjoying nature.

Adventure lovers will also love rock climbing, rappelling, sand-surfing, Jeeping, and more in the crater and surrounding desert. And because of its remote location, the night sky in Mitzpe Ramon offers some of Israel’s best star-gazing. Oh, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to enjoy an encounter with one of the town’s revered four-legged residents: the ibex.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tel Aviv is a great place for a mini-vacation, and its location makes it easy to incorporate some leisure time there. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is equal parts beach town and cosmopolitan urban center. Even in the colder months when most people find it too cold to swim, you’ll always find surfers in the water and leisure-seekers of all stripes enjoying the sandy beaches and seafront promenade.

A visit to Tel Aviv has something incredible for everyone. When not spending time on the beach, visitors and locals alike enjoy Tel Aviv’s many cultural attractions. Art lovers can stroll through the world-renowned Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the city’s many galleries and artisan districts. Families with kids will find plenty of options, from the Ramat Gan Safari to the Children’s Museum in Holon, and much more. And what’s a mini-vacation without amazing dining? Tel Aviv is Israel’s culinary capital — we highly recommend coming on an empty stomach!

The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

Though the name might suggest otherwise, the Kinneret is actually a freshwater lake where your entire family can relax and enjoy a wonderful break from sightseeing. Though the region is full of fascinating places to visit and things to do, you’ll find that it’s also a great place to add some leisure time to your family vacation.

After a few great rainy seasons, water levels in the Kinneret have returned to their highest point in years, making it a great spot for a peaceful swim, a boat ride, or even some higher-octane water sports. Of course, if taking time to relax and reflect is on your agenda, the sunrises and sunsets around the Kinneret are breathtaking and are definitely worth waking up early and/or staying up late for.

Vacation planning with Dekel Tours

Whether you are looking for an active vacation filled with adrenaline-pumping activities or a relaxing and slow-paced experience, Israel has a mini-vacation destination for every visitor. If you are looking for a tailor-made, private Israel experience, feel free to reach out to us for suggestions and to help book your trip. Speak with one of our Tour Specialists today.

Vacation stroll on a palm-tree lined beachfront promenade on the Red Sea shore in Eilat Israel
Vacation stroll on a palm-tree lined beachfront promenade on the Red Sea shore in Eilat Israel

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