Connect with your Jewish roots in the world’s holiest city.

Private Jewish Jerusalem Tours

A trip to Israel is a great opportunity to have a vacation, enjoy magnificent sceneries, and relax but it can also allow you to connect with your Jewish roots and history. A family trip to Israel is a unique experience that will enhance the bond between all members of the family as well as your relationship with your Jewish identity.

Jerusalem holds an enormous historical, spiritual, religious, and cultural significance for Jews around the world. With so many archaeological and historical sites, memorials and attractions, it is important to know what one must see to begin their journey of reconnecting with their Jewish past.

The Western Wall

A visit to Jerusalem is incomplete without a visit to one of the holiest places for Jews – The Western Wall: One of the retaining walls around Mount Temple, where the Temple once stood. Jews come from all over the world to visit and pray at this holy site, and many choose to write a prayer on a slip of paper and leave it in the cracks of the wall. It is customary in Israel to have Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremonies at the Western Wall, and many families come from abroad to do so as part of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel.

Migdal David Museum

At Migdal David Museum you can admire archaeological excavation items and learn about the history of Jerusalem from its ancient origins to the present. Additionally, you should visit the City of David – an archaeological site considered to be the birthplace of the city where King David established his Kingdom. In this archaeological park, visitors can learn about the history of Jerusalem and witness the remains of houses and towers, as well as the Sheila and water tunnels.

Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter

A tour of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter can include a number of synagogues, primarily the most ancient one among them – the Ramban Synagogue dated back to mid 15th century.

Another site is The Burnt House – a residential house from the end of the Second Temple era that was destroyed during the Great Revolt in 70 CE. Among the fidnings in the burnt house are ritual baths, cisterns, and tools made of stone.

The Herodian suburb is an archaeological site that hosts a luxurious Jewish neighborhood in which priests lived during the days of Herod’s rule. On the site you can see the remains of the mosaic floors, ritual baths, tools, and artifacts from the First and Second Temple eras.

A trip down the underground Western Wall Tunnels, which is a complex of underground chambers and tunnels, is a must-see for both adults and children. On this tour you can admire buildings from several historical periods, starting from the Second Temple era until modern times. This trip parallel to the historical timeline is considered one of Israel’s leading attractions.

Another site of national significance in Jerusalem that is worth visiting is Yad Vashem. Yad Vashem is an official Holocaust Memorial site. It chronicles the history of the Jewish people before and during the Holocaust, commemorates the life story of the millions of victims, and seeks to instill the legacy of the Holocaust among future generations. Learn about and pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, Jews who fought their Nazi oppressors, and non-Jews who aided the victims of the Nazi Regime.

Yad Vashem also offers a program for teenagers, which allows them to share their Bat/Bar/B’nai Mitzvah experience with a young Holocaust victim who never got the chance to reach this milestone of Jewish life.

How Dekel Tours can help

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