Herods Eilat

Nestled on the scenic Eilat promenade on the Northern shore, Herods Eilat consists of three Oriental-style palaces.


Herods Eilat Hotels live up to the highest international standards of luxurious, accommodation. Herods Palace Hotel, Herods Boutique Hotel and Herods Vitalis Hotel stand out on the promenade, and designed to provide a truly majestic experience with mouthwatering restaurants, spacious cafés, relaxing day spas, fully equipped gyms, sparkling swimming pools and well-appointed guest rooms. All you need to do is choose between spectacular, best and amazing!


Herods Palace Hotel is suitable for families. There are swimming pools for adults and for children, fun activities for everyone private beach and access to the Cardo shopping center.

Herods Boutique Hotel provides exclusive hospitality. There are 91 rooms only and whether you arrive as a couple or a family, you are guaranteed to enjoy a tranquil vacation.

Herods Vitalis Hotel offers a luxurious relaxing holiday.

Room Types


The hotels have lots of restaurants, cafés, spas, fully equipped gyms and swimming pools. There is a special focus on children with fun activities, circus shows, talent nights and parties. For the adults there is a business lounge, a different show or performance every night and extra facilities for VIP guests.



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