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Dekel Tours expert review

Location: Center/Airport
Hotel type: Boutique
Budget: Modest

Dekel Tours rating: 3/5

What we think about Sadot Hotel:

Sadot bills itself as an airport hotel and even offers free rides to the airport. It’s a good choice for anxious travelers who really want to feel like they’re as close as possible to the airport for their flights home. Our expert opinion is that since the airport is only about a half-hour drive from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, most travelers should be able to comfortably spend their last nights taking advantage of those two great cities’ offerings.

About the hotel

Sadot is the closest hotel to Ben-Gurion International Airport. Sporting a clean, modern decor, this small boutique hotel (54 rooms + 1 suite) is a 15-minute drive from the terminal. It is located in the new Assaf Center shopping mall, where you can find anything you forgot to pack before you left home – or anything you forgot to buy before heading back.


Serves Breakfast
Fitness Center
Happy Hour