Family Friendly Festivals in Israel

When planning a family trip to Israel, don’t forget the numerous festivals that fill up the year! Music, arts and even theater are all available. Some events are specifically Jewish, others show much of what a multicultural place like Israel has to offer. Pay attention to dates, as most of these offerings do not run year round.

Best Things to do with Kids in Haifa

When coming on your family trip to Israel, you and your family will surely want to visit a variety of major cities in Israel. While many people come to Haifa to see the Bahai Gardens - seen by many worldwide as a symbol of peace and coexistence, the city has a great deal to offer in addition to this, especially for kids of all ages!

Best Marine Life Encounters in Israel

Israel offers great possibilities to encounter marine life, both in controlled environments and in the wild. When coming on your private tour in Israel, the following are just a few of the many opportunities you and your family will have to learn more about Israel’s diverse marine ecosystems.

Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv

When coming to Israel it is easy to associate Tel Aviv with the beach, and that’s it. Jaffa sits in the southern part of the city and is the oldest part of Tel Aviv, including an ancient port. While most know of Jaffa because of its association with biblical stories Jonah, Solomon, and Saint Peter, this part of the city has so much to offer. Old Jaffa is a must see on any private tour in Israel or a family trip to Israel.

Zimmers in Israel

Zimmers in Israel are an alternative form of accommodation in Israel to the standard hotel. Zimmers are similar to bed & breakfasts and are found mostly in rural parts of the country like the Galilee and Negev.

Best Water Parks in Israel

When coming on your family’s private tour in Israel during the spring, summer or fall, it’s great to mix up your exploration of historic and cultural sites with some good ‘ol fashioned water-park fun. The following parks are fun for the whole family and will give you time to mingle and play with the locals, who have come to let off steam and cool their feet for a bit as well!

Best Zoos and Animal Safaris in Israel

When coming on your family trip to Israel, whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel or a family vacation, one of the things you might want to consider is taking a bit of time out to encounter the abundant animal life living in the region – both indigenous and adopted. From the youngest to the oldest member of the family, the following attractions are sure to engage and delight!

How to Survive the Summer Heat in Israel

Thinking about coming on a Family trip to Israel, but the desert heat is scaring you? Think again! There are so many different ways to stay cool over the summer. You can have your pick from leisure time at the beach, to museums, and waterfalls! Don’t let the weather stop your from planning a once in a lifetime private tour in Israel.

Best things to do with Families and Kids at the Sea of Galilee

When coming on your family trip to Israel, one of the places you’re sure to end up is the Kinneret, or the Sea of Galilee – which is actually a giant, semi-salted lake. It will be helpful then, to know the best fun things to do and places to visit for the whole family while you’re there!

Fun things to do on a Bar / Bat Mitzvah tour in Tel Aviv

When on your Bar / Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, one of the places you’re sure to visit is Tel Aviv, a city rich in modern Israeli history and culture. But how can you plan an itinerary in Tel Aviv that will entertain and delight the whole family? The following mini-guide will give you a good start.

Favorite Freshwater Swimming Holes in Israel

While the saltwater beaches are also definitely worth your visit, Israel is full of wonderful natural and developed ‘mineral pools’, both hot and cold. From the times of the ancient Hebrews until today, local residents have loved to take time out of their lives to enjoy the natural springs here in Israel.

Best Beaches in Israel - Mediterranean

When planning your family trip to Israel, you’ll definitely want to schedule in some time to kick back and relax at the beach. While Israel boasts water entries to four different seas (Red Sea, Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee and the Mediterranean), the beaches along the Mediterranean coastline are certainly amongst Israel’s most famous – and for a very good reason!

Israel’s Greatest Train Destinations – Central Israel

When planning your family trip to Israel, one fun thing you can do is to take a train ride on the Israeli Rail System. Riding the train in Israel a fun experience, featuring clean and well-maintained cars and stations. And it also gives you a chance to experience a small piece of history, since some of the lines date as far back as the time of the Ottomans.

Forests that Bring Israel and Diaspora Together

When planning your Bar or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, Dekel Tours helps you plan activities that are memorable, historically and currently meaningful, and incredibly enjoyable. One meaningful thing to do while you’re in Israel might be to visit a historical or natural site which has been developed and protected with help from Diaspora Jews. These sites offer a wealth of opportunities to take in meaningful historic and current preservation and development projects which symbolize the deep connections and ties between Jews both inside and outside of Israel.

Yom Haatzmaut, The Israeli 4th of July

whether you live in Israel, or are here on a Private Tour or Bat or Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, Yom Haatzmaut is one of the best times to be in Israel. Enjoy street parties, fireworks, BBQ in the park, Air show and more.

Family Trips to Israel in Passover

Passover is a prime time to be in Israel and if you are here on a family trip to Israel or a Bat or Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, it will truly be a unique experience. The weather is so nice this time of year and there are a countless number of things to do around the country.

Sustainability in Israel

One of the most interesting things you can do is to notice Israelis’ integration of sustainability principles into their everyday lifestyle. From solar water heating to mass-scale greywater recycling, once you key into Israel’s sustainable lifestyle, you’ll never see the world the same way again!

Favorite Hot Springs in Israel

 From Hamat Gader to Hamei Tverya and the Dead Sea, Israel\'s hot springs are fun for the whole family and make for a great addition to any private tours in Israel. This blog will entice you to extend your day trips to the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea to visit the local hot pools near these famous cool bodies of water.

Israel’s Wealth of Jewish Diversity - Part 2: North and South Israel

Here is a short guide to some of the most well-known and respected alternative Jewish prayer options in the North and South of Israel. For those interested in alternative prayer options inside Jerusalem, check out Part 1 of this blog.

Israel’s Wealth of Jewish Diversity

Although Israelis known for its strong traditional communities, Israel’s Jewish spiritual communities are as diverse in their practices and approaches as are the Jewish communities of America.

Best Water Hikes in Israel

The most beautiful and diverse water sites in Israel are great for the whole family and are a unique addition to your private tour in Israel\' Whether you prefer convenient and easy pools that can be reached by even the tiniest kids, mid-level hikes through streams and waterfalls, or a full-day trek.


Kibbutzim were a central part of the development of Israel. Communities built on sharing, kibbutzim were, and some still are, based on everyone pitching in.

Ecological Tourism In Israel

Ever wanted to experience hands-on why Israel is a world-leader in conservation and ecology? From visits to solar farms and wildlife preserves to workshops on mud-brick building and sustainable food harvesting, it\'s fun and easy to incorporate ecology into your private tour  in Israel.

Transportation in Israel

Whether you are on a business trip or a family trip in Israel, you need to know how to get from place to place.  Here at Dekel Tours, we are happy to give you advice as to the best way to get from one point to another, or we can hire a service to transfer you.

Volunteering In Israel

One of the core Jewish values is Tikkun Olam, fixing the world, so use some of your time in Israel to do so, and to make a difference in someone’s life. Make your trip in Israel even more meaningful by helping out the community while you are here! 


Channukah in Israel is a very special time. From the moment Sukkot ends, the country already starts preparing. If you are here for your family trip in Israel during this time, make sure to get into the spirit.


Israel is known as a Start Up nation and a center for technology. Companies like Google and Facebook have major hubs here. Others like Waze BEGAN here. Between the Technion University in Haifa, and the start up nation in Tel Aviv, Israel is exceeding in technological advances across the board.


Israel is known for its rich history, both Biblically and from archaeology. Whether you are coming for a family trip in Israel or to celebrate a special occasion, make sure to explore the many historical sites.


Israel is full of delicious cuisine of all types. During your family trip in Israel, if you are looking for a celebratory meal, or a restaurant that is fitting for events, there are options throughout the country. Here are just a few of the many recommendations we have


Many people say “I need a vacation to recover from my vacation”! As much as people love to travel, they want to fit everything in, which means though they have a great time, vacation is often very tiring.


High holidays, being a special time for Jews worldwide, are particularly special in Israel, the Jewish state.


Visiting Israel is wonderful for people of all ages. Though many young families worry about traveling with their young children, it is easy to find interactive attractions throughout Israel that will keep your children engaged and having a great time!

Customizing Your Trip To Israel

Are you ready to plan a trip to Israel? Whether it’s a solo trip, Bar or Bat Mitzvah trip, family trip or group trip, Dekel Tours is here to help customize your private tour in Israel.

Art in Israel

If you’re artistic or just interested in art, Israel has numerous options to explore. During your family trip in Israel, explore some of the art scene throughout the country. Here at Dekel Tours, let us know your interests, and we are happy to help find the perfect art experience for you and your family!

Things to do in Shfela

During your trip to Israel, whether you’re staying in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, take some time to enjoy the many things that Shfela has to offer! The Shfela, which is located between the Judean Mountains and the coast, has many different things to do. From army encounters to museums there are a lot of fun family activities for your family trip in Israel.

Cultural Encounters in Israel

Israel is a diverse country full of people of different cultures and religions. When you plan your family trip in Israel, be sure to take advantage of this diversity! Whether you have a home-cooked meal, or visit a religious site, there are many ways to experience and enjoy all of the many different communities that reside in the small country.

Sporting throughout Israel

If your family enjoys extreme sporting, Israel is the place for you! Israelis themselves are very active people, and love being outdoors. Throughout the country, whether you are around Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, or in the North or the South there are tons of sporting activities for families, couples, and individuals. As you plan your family trip to Israel, make sure to check out some of the many options available!

Family Trip to Israel – The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the world\'s most unique locations. It is the lowest place on earth, and offers spectacular views to its visitors. It is a must during a family trip to Israel, providing enjoyment and amazement for the whole family. While at the Dead Sea, there are opportunities to visit historical sites, enjoy a visit to an unusual natural setting, float on the Dead Sea and relax on its beaches.

Touring Israel - Luxury day tours

Israel is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, of all religions and all ages. It is vital to plan your trip carefully and include luxury day tours in Israel that enable you to experience a specific area, site or attraction in a way that fits the interests and character of your family. You can include a personally tailored day tour within the framework of any visit to Israel, according to your preferences.

Unique Ideas for Family Trips to Israel

If you’ve been to Israel before, or even if it’s your first time in Israel but you’re still looking for something different, there are many interesting and different things to do and experience in the country. Dekel Tours, a tour company that specializes in private tours in Israel is happy to help plan a trip full of unique activities.

Experiencing Jerusalem Night Life

Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city, has enormous religious significance for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In addition to its rich history, however, it has also become a thriving city with a rich modern culture. During your trip to Israel, don’t miss out on the night life in Jerusalem! Jerusalem comes alive at night, with a whole different feeling.

Family Trip to Eilat, Israel

Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city on the shores of the Red Sea, is surrounded by a landscape of untamed red-colored mountains, has spectacular beaches with turquoise waters and abundant coral reefs, and boasts fascinating tourist attractions. The abundance of attractions makes Eilat a wonderful option for all ages, as well as a great choice for a family trip to Israel.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Safed

Safed is one of Israel’s most ancient cities. A visit there is a first-rate cultural and spiritual experience, suitable for anyone interested in the history and culture of Judaism, and perfect as part of a Bat or Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel. Safed is the perfect place to hold the ceremony. You can hold the service in one of Safed’s lovely synagogues and have the party in one of its event halls or hotels, which also enable you to hold the event and lodge in the same area. Alternatively, you can hold the ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem and then come to Safed for a day tour.

Bat Mitzvah in Israel

A Bat Mitzvah is an exciting event in the life of a young girl and her family. A shared trip to Israel, in which you can incorporate a ceremony and/or a party, is an original and unforgettable way for the whole family to mark the occasion. Having your Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel organized by a professional specialist company allows you to enjoy quality family time and make the most of your time by visiting sites that interest you and your family all over the country, and celebrating this moving event with a ceremony and party in Israel.

Private Tours in Haifa

Haifa is a city with a rich historical past. It is located on Mount Carmel and offers numerous cultural sites, impressive views and an interesting cultural variety. It is the third largest city in Israel, with a mixed Jewish-Arab population living in peaceful harmony against a backdrop of the mountain and the sea. Many recommend you see the city and its wealth of sites through by private day tours in Israel offered by tour companies.

Private Day Tour in Tel Aviv - Recommended Attractions

Tel Aviv is home to some of the world\'s most beautiful and important architectural sites in the Bauhaus style, and even has a unique Bauhaus Museum. There is a wide variety of places of interest and entertainment, and to get the most out of a visit, it is recommended to contact a local tourism company that specializes in customized private day tours in Israel.

A Private Day Tour in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the world’s oldest cities, with an enthralling variety of cultures, religions, landscapes and opportunities. A private day tour in Jerusalem is an excellent way to experience the city’s beauty and to make the most of your time. Every hour is planned, the route is designed in advance taking account of your choices, and your personal guide takes you from place to place with interesting explanations.

The Beaches of Israel

Israel is one of the few countries in the world which have a plentitude of beaches, all so varied yet within a relatively limited geographic area. Israel’s unique location between Asia and Africa has created extraordinary landscapes, all within a short driving time. Private tours in Israel are the perfect solution for families seeking to make the most of their time in the country while taking advantage of the spectacular beaches during the trip.

Where to Eat on a Family Trip to Israel

Israel is internationally recognized for its culinary world. It is identified with a variety of flavors, scents and types of cuisine which is as rich as the multicultural nature of the country. A custom family trip to Israel ensures that you will enjoy unforgettable culinary experiences according to your personal taste.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Masada

Hundreds of Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are held each year at Mt. Masada in the south of Israel. Many Jewish families from Israel and around the world, religious and secular, choose to hold this moving ceremony at this location which in the Jewish tradition symbolizes bravery, resilience and the victory of the soul.

Family Trips to the Jerusalem Hills

Jerusalem is the most popular tourist city in Israel. Jerusalem and the surrounding area offer so much, that you can spend days and even weeks in this region alone. In addition to the many locations within the city, the Jerusalem Hills offer many attractions for nature lovers.

Hotel accommodation for family trips to Israel

Sleeping arrangements is one of the important elements involved in planning this kind of trip, and which will greatly affect the entire trip. Israel offers a wide variety of options in this respect. From hotels to bed & breakfasts, there are many places which are suitable for families.

Child-friendly attractions in Israel

Israel is an amazing destination for a family trip. Since Israeli culture is very family oriented, there are many attractions that are suitable for the entire family. With the right knowledge, you can plan the perfect trip to Israel that all family members will enjoy, from kids to grandparents.

Planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is an important event in the life of the boy and his family. Many Jewish families worldwide choose to celebrate their son\'s Bar Mitzvah in Israel, as there is no place more exciting and connected with Judaism than the land of Israel.

Celebrating a Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Bat Mitzvah is a ceremony that celebrates the coming of age of the Jewish girl, at the age of 12. From this day on, she is considered an adult and takes upon herself the laws of the Torah and the Mitzvahs

Bar / Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel with the extended family

Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel can be a complicated task when you focus on your core family, the parents and children. It is an even more challenging task if you are making plans for the extended family, when other relatives are involved such as grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.

A Trip to Israel - Connect with Your Jewish Roots

A trip to Israel is a great opportunity to have a vacation, enjoy magnificent sceneries and relax but, it can also allow you to connect with your Jewish roots and history. A family trip to Israel is a unique experience that will enhance the bonds between all members of the family and their relationship with their Jewish identity.

Must Do Attractions During Bar Mitzvah Tours in Israel

When planning a Bar Mitzvah family trip to Israel, it is important to remember that teens may look for fun experiential things to do and luckily, Israel has no shortage of this kind of attractions.

Jewish Family Trips to Israel

Many Jewish families choose to take a vacation in Israel or come to visit family. Whether the aim is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel or just a family vacation, it is clear that many families see such a trip as an opportunity to strengthen their relations with Judaism and Israel and also focus on family ties.

Family Trips to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the biggest Hebrew city in Israel and a favored city among tourists, second only to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is a must for those planning family trips to Israel. This never asleep city has so much to offer that it is important to choose the right attractions and destinations to suit everyone, adults and children alike, so all family members have an unforgettable time.

Tourism from the USA to Israel

Israel is a destination that offers considerable advantages such as an extensive tourism infrastructure, comfortable and varied climate and an ideal, balanced combination of historical, religious, archeological, cultural and natural sites - all in a relatively small country. The majority of tourists coming to Israel is from America, and specifically the USA.

Family Trips to Israel with Teenagers

Planning a family trip to Israel with teenagers can be quite the challenge. During their teens your children strive to be independent, yet they still require supervision and guidance. It is important to design your trip so that it will be interesting for the children and they will be actively involved in the experience instead of staring at a mobile screen throughout the whole vacation.

Bar Mitzvah in Israel

“Bar Mitzvah” is the traditional Jewish term for a boy’s 13th birthday. The Bar Mitzvah ceremony symbolizes the transition from childhood to maturity and the acceptance of the responsibility of following the Jewish religion’s mitzvahs. Many Jewish families choose to hold their son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel, a unique experience that will provide their child with a deeper understanding of the meaning of being Jewish.

Family trip to Jerusalem

When you are considering a family trip with the children, you might worry about a situation in which the children may get tired of walking or will be bored by some of the places you choose to visit. Jerusalem and its surroundings offer a wide selection of sites, views and attractions suitable for all ages.

Bat Mitzvah Tours in Israel

Many Jewish families choose to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah in a special way that creates an unforgettable experience for the whole family, a way in which strengthens the connection to its Jewish roots and the bond between the family members in a unique way – a Bat Mitzvah Tour in Israel.

Private Tours in Israel to the Judean-Desert

The Judean Desert offers travelers a variety of experiences from medical tourism and recreation to a walking tour through Israeli history. The addition of a private tour to your trip in Israel will ensure that you experience the Judean Desert to the fullest while respecting your schedule and tempo.

Bar Mitzvah Tours in Israel

Bar Mitzvah is a significant event in the life of every Jewish boy. A Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel will provide the young teen, as well as the entire family, with the opportunity to strengthen both the ties with their Jewish roots and the relations between family members.

Private Tours in Israel - The Best Way to Travel

Planning a trip to Israel and are finding it hard to decide between an organized tour and independent travel? It’s important to know that there is an ideal ‘middle way’ – private tours – the best way to experience Israel. Private tours in Israel incorporate a combination of all the advantages of organized tours and independent traveling, without their drawbacks.

Custom Family Trips to Israel

A trip to Israel can be an unforgettable experience for the entire family, both children and adults. A well-planned vacation is an experience that brings the family closer and leaves pleasant memories for a lifetime.

Private Tours in Northern Israel

Northern Israel is one of the most popular areas for traveling in Israel, being flocked by people from all corners of the country, as well as by foreign tourists. It is rich with sites, landscapes and exciting tracks.

Family Trip to Israel – Traveling with Small Children

Traveling abroad with infants and toddlers can be quite a challenge. Unexpected changes might be easy for adults to deal with, but they can be problematic for the younger children. Therefore, it is very important to plan the trip in as much detail as you can and leave as little as possible to chance when it comes to the technical issues.

 Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Bar Mitzvah is an exciting event for every Jewish boy. The Aliyah laTorah symbolizes the moment in which the boy accepts the responsibility of following the mitzvahs. There is no better place to hold this exciting, sacred and pure event than at the Western Wall, the last reminder of the Temple.

Culinary Private Tours in Israel

Dekel Tours designs group or family trips to Israel, with each trip being different to the previous one, as it is fully customized according to your needs. If you are food lovers, we will ensure that the trip will be to your taste!

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Israel Tours Smooth and Memorable

All you need to know about before you leave and on your visit to Israel; Visas and passports, flying & Baggage, weather & packing, local currency, transportation and more.