Art in Israel

If you’re artistic or just interested in art, Israel has numerous options to explore. During your family trip in Israel, explore some of the art scene throughout the country. Here at Dekel Tours, let us know your interests, and we are happy to help find the perfect art experience for you and your family!

Tourist impressed with art in israel

Some artistic options include:

Graffiti Tour

Both in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, there is a lot of graffiti to enjoy! In Tel Aviv, take a graffiti tour and learn about the political and social scenes in Israel, while enjoying tours of different neighborhoods. In Jerusalem at the Mahane Yehuda Market when the sun goes down and the shops close, the doors are covered with graffiti of famous people and different artwork. Wander through as the bars begin to open to enjoy the artwork

Susan’s House

If you are interested in volunteering, visit Susan’s House where you can do an art project and help support teens at risk. Perfect for a Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel or any visit, it is a great way to volunteer and help the community

Artist Colonies

Both in Jaffa and in Tzfat, there are great artist colonies. In Tzfat, the art focuses more on kabbalistic and spiritual art. You can walk through the streets and look at the artwork, but also enter an artist’s home and learn about their creative process and their inspiration. In Jaffa, wander the old alleyways and enjoy the art along the way. There are also lots of pieces incorporated into the old city itself, including an interesting fountain

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

if you enjoy art museums, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art houses both modern and contemporary pieces. Visit the museum and enjoy the works of Van Gogh and Chagall, as well as Israeli artists

Artist Fairs

Do you want to buy some Israeli art work to bring home either for yourself or as a gift to friends and family? Throughout the week, different cities have different artist fairs. In Tel Aviv, on Nahalat Binyamin, there is a bi-weekly artist fair open on Tuesdays and Fridays. Jerusalem has its own, smaller version open only on Fridays on a pedestrian street between Betzalel and King George streets. Both fairs feature local artists and craftspeople displaying their work. You can find anything from pottery to photography, magnets, mezuzahs, wooden dolls and more.

During your private tour in Israel, we are happy to make any of these many options a part of your package. No matter what you like, we are happy to help arrange for you to have it during your trip. Just tell us your interests and we will find the best way to include art into the tour for you and your family!



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