Explore the North of Israel with your family

Things to do with Kids in Haifa & Northern Israel

When coming on your family trip to Israel, you and your family will surely want to visit as much of the country as possible. We love the northern regions of Israel for all the amazing things they have to offer kids and visitors of all ages. From the Northern Coastal Plain, which includes Haifa, Akko, and Rosh HaNikrah, east through the lovely rolling hills of the Galilee, and north to the Upper Galilee and Golan, there’s something for everyone in Israel’s north.

The Northern Coastal Plain

Many people come to Haifa to see the beautiful Baha’i Gardens (pictured above), recognized worldwide as a symbol of peace and coexistence. On a private tour of Haifa, your expert tour guide will take you through Israel’s most diverse and integrated city, focusing on sites and experiences that are hand-picked to engage your whole family. Some of our favorites include Madatech, the National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space; Carmel National Park, with some of the country’s most beautiful lookouts and hiking trails, and the funky street art and local culture of Massada Street.

Up the Mediterranean coast from Haifa is the port city of Akko, full of mystery and ancient charm. Some of the kid-friendly highlights of Akko’s Old City include the underground Templar tunnels and the Knights’ Hall, and we’re fans of the open-air market. If your family is feeling amphibious, you’ll want to make time for a speedboat excursion off the coast of Akko or further north near Rosh HaNikra. While you’re in the area, plan a visit to the grottoes at Rosh HaNikra — one of Israel’s most breathtaking natural wonders.

The Galilee Region

Mother and daughter in traditional shepherding garb in Israel's Galilee

The region known as the Galilee (Galil, in Hebrew) covers most of the northernmost part of the country, and options for families touring the area are plenty. The Galil is home to a diverse mix of people and cultures, and activities such as home hospitalities and cooking workshops are fun and engaging ways for visitors of all ages to discover the brilliant cultural tapestry of Israel’s north.

The Galil is also home to many kibbutzim, family farms, and other places where visitors can enjoy a throwback to a simpler or more traditional time. And with some of the best natural landscapes around, there are countless recreational activities available to help your crew let off steam and enjoy the great outdoors.

Upper Galilee and Golan

Israel’s northeast corner is home to the Upper Galilee and Golan Heights. This is by far Israel’s greenest region and also home to its tallest hills and mountains, making it the perfect playground for outdoorsy families. Seasonal fruit picking, migratory bird watching, and water hikes are great options depending on your family’s travel plans. Your tour specialist can give you a sense of what outdoor activities are good choices for your trip.

The Upper Galilee and Golan are also home to some of Israel’s most fascinating history. An off-road jeep tour is a fun and exciting way to get up close to historical events and imagine what they may have felt like for those involved.

Girl skipping in a mountain stream on a water hike in Israel's Golan Heights

Make the most out of your family’s trip to Israel

We don’t know any cookie-cutter families, so we don’t believe in creating cookie-cutter Israel trips for families. A trip to Israel is an incredible opportunity to spend your family vacation connecting to each other and to the amazing history and culture of Israel. Planning a trip that’s going to be engaging and fun for the whole family can be challenging; that’s why we think having an expert in your corner makes all the difference. Let Dekel Tours uncomplicate your private Israel tour so you and your family can enjoy the best of this magical place.


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