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Dekel Tours expert review

Location: Jerusalem
Hotel type: Full Service
Budget: Luxury Exclusive

Dekel Tours rating: 4.5/5

What do we think about the King David Hotel?

While the King David is certainly Jerusalem’s flagship luxury property with ornately decorated public spaces and excellent dining, our experience is that there are other luxury hotels in Jerusalem that offer a comparable (or better) experience without the inflated price tag. For those who like their hotels to have that old-world luxury feel, the King David is tops. Our recommendation to prospective guests is to choose a recently renovated room. The fresher rooms are great.

About the hotel

More than 50 kings have tread on the red carpet at the entrance to this landmark hotel during their respective visits to Jerusalem. What more need one say? Built in 1929, the King David has hosted world leaders and celebrities and has played an outsized role in the history of the modern State of Israel. Winner of multiple awards, the King David fuses the splendor of a bygone era with contemporary luxury.


Breakfast Buffet
Business Lounge
Near Landmarks
City Center
Family Friendly
Fitness Center
Lobby Lounge
Outdoor Pool (seasonal)
Spa Treatments