After the Bar Mitzvah

Just because throwing a grand reception with 200 of your son’s closest friends and family members may not be on the agenda for your family’s Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel, that doesn’t mean that the party has to stop as soon as the Torah scroll gets closed. Celebrating your son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel can be just as special (if not more so), and the possibilities are limitless.

The (Not So) Basic Brunch Option

Taking the family out for a celebratory meal after the Bar Mitzvah ceremony is a great way to continue the festive mood and honor all the hard work and preparation that went into your son’s Aliyah to the Torah. If the Torah-reading is going to be at the Kotel or Robinson’s Arch (the egalitarian section of the Kotel plaza), there are plenty of good choices right in the Old City (many places will require a reservation, and for larger parties you may be asked to choose from a limited number of closed menu options).

If the Bar Mitzvah ceremony won’t be taking place in the Old City, your choices for restaurants are virtually endless (the culinary scene in Israel has been exploding in recent years, with top-notch establishments sprouting up all over the country). There are even numerous options for less conventional celebratory meals, including everything from a gourmet meal in a private tent to a desert picnic at sunset. Your Tour Specialist can help with recommendations and arrangements that will fit in well with your family tour in Israel.

Beyond Brunch

After the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, you might be interested in enjoying a short activity for the family to participate in together. There’s something for everyone, depending on your tastes and interests.

Fun Workshops and Exploration Tours

Spend a couple hours learning a new skill, creating a lovely piece of art, or going off the beaten track with an interactive urban exploration. Enjoy a hands-on workshop led by a skilled professional: traditional cooking, bread-baking, or chocolate-making workshops for the culinarily-inclined; pottery, mosaic, or graffiti workshops for art lovers; and more! You might also enjoy a competitive scavenger hunt through an open-air market, a tour of local street art, or a combination tour and workshop.

Volunteer Opportunities

Visit one of the many worthwhile organizations that aim to improve society through service to the community. You may be interested in spending time with Holocaust survivors, working with guide-dogs-in-training, serving meals to the hungry, making care-packages for lone soldiers, or any number of other service projects. It’s a wonderful way learn about Israeli society while pitching in and doing your part to make someone’s life a little better.

A Little Adventure

Kick it up a notch and celebrate the Bar Mitzvah boy with an adrenaline-filled activity that everyone will love. Go off-roading on a thrilling ATV adventure; try rappelling down the side of a mountain or even down the walls of the Old City; train with elite Israeli Special Forces security experts; go zip-lining or bungee-jumping; or even take off on a flying ATV or helicopter ride. 

Commemorative Experiences

You may wish to take some time for more reflective and commemorative experiences as your son reaches this major milestone. Many families choose to plant a tree in honor of a loved one. You may also wish to plan a visit to Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust Memorial and Museum. Your son may also be interested in participating in the Bar Mitzvah Twinning Program at Yad Vashem, which will allow him to honor the memory of an individual child who died at the hands of the Nazis before reaching his Bar Mitzvah. 

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Planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel 

If you’re planning a Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel, it may be useful to have some local support to help with logistics. There’s a lot to think about: finding an amazing location for the ceremony, connecting with a local rabbi, choosing an amazing photographer, organizing a celebratory meal, and more! Your Bar Mitzvah boy has dedicated so much time and energy into preparing for this momentous occasion, you and he will want the whole day to be absolutely perfect.

Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel

Make your son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel the centerpiece of your family tour in Israel. Let Dekel Tours put together an amazing, all-inclusive tour for the whole family. With a private Israel tour, you’ll be able to see Israel at exactly your pace, with a focus on sites that appeal to your interests and the needs and preferences of your family. We take your Israel trip personally, and we’ll custom-build an itinerary that’s sure to make this an unforgettable family experience.