Specialty Tours

We aim to create tours that appeal directly to your interests and hobbies. At your request, we will modify your private tours in Israel itinerary to include visits to specific sites and attractions. Tell us what your passions are and we will design the tour around them. Whether you are into wine, photography, diving, culinary, arts or anything else – your Israel trip can be focused on your favorite things.



Culinary Tours

If you are “foodies” or dream to explore a country based on its culinary culture – culinary tours offer the opportunity to travel & taste across Israel and learn the history of food. Let us make your tour yummy.
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Wine Tours

Wine lovers undoubtedly must visit the Mediterranean wineries across Israel. We can add a day trip to your tour or tailor an entire private tour in Israel itinerary around the theme of wine.
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Photography Tours

Israel is a great place for amateur and professional photographers. In such a small country, the unique mix of beautiful people, diverse landscape and history makes almost every moment worth a picture.
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Diving Tours

With the Mediterranean Sea in the west and the Red Sea in the south, spend your guided tour to Israel in diving across the different coasts of the country or branch out to the Island of Cyprus.
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