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Touring Israel with a private tour guide

So, you’re thinking about a trip to Israel? Fantastic! You’re about to set off on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through some of the world’s greatest historical, archaeological, religious, cultural, natural, and culinary treasures! From Jerusalem’s Old City to the museums, beaches, and nightlife of Tel Aviv; from biblical landmarks around the Sea of Galilee to breathtaking geological formations in the Negev desert; from border lookouts in the north to agricultural breakthroughs in the sandy Arava; this tiny little country is jam-packed with places to go and things to see! Trust us: you’re going to want a highly qualified Israel tour guide to help you get the most out of your tour.

Dekel Tours works with some of the best tour guides in Israel, who are passionate about sharing the country’s rich history and vibrant culture with visitors like you. Having Dekel Tours in your corner and a private Israel tour guide at your side, you can expect personalized attention, flexibility in planning your itinerary, and the freedom to explore at your own pace. Before you go down the virtual rabbit hole of tourist blogs and travel guides trying to piece together your list of must-sees in Israel, we want to share our winning formula for creating the best private Israel tour:

Custom-Designed Itinerary + Best Tour Guide in Israel =
Unforgettable Trip

Simply put, Israel is one of those places with so many fascinating and complicated stories to tell that having an expert tour guide to put what you see into a larger context will help you get the most out of your experience. A private tour guide can weave together your entire Israel journey and help you truly understand where you are. They bring your travel itinerary to life with stories, humor, insight, and background that you can’t get from just showing up at a site and reading plaques and signs.

Leisure Days vs. Touring Days

When we’re custom-designing a private Israel trip, our starting point is the basic understanding that every traveler comes with a different set of needs, wants, and preferences, including how much time they want to spend exploring on their own or simply relaxing. We build that leisure time into every trip with the hope that our guests will enjoy getting to know Israel in a way that makes sense for them. While a large urban setting like Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a good place for spending leisure time or exploring Israeli culture and society on your own, there are plenty of places around the country where having a private tour guide will make all the difference.  

When you’re visiting parts of the country that have long or complicated histories, rich and diverse cultural traditions, religious or biblical significance, or are just out of the way or hard to get to, a private tour guide is a wealth of information, insight, stories, and context. Your guide will be the difference between simply crossing a place off your bucket list and walking away from a place enlightened, inspired, moved, or even transformed by your experience there.

Taking your trip PERSONALLY

While we’re custom-building your private Israel tour, we’re also getting to know you as individuals: your tastes, your interests, your travel style and preferences, etc. In much the same way that we carefully design your travel itinerary around these characteristics, we take the time and care to match you personally with the private tour guide who’ll be bringing your itinerary to life. 

Looking for a private tour guide who can keep everyone engaged and intrigued? An expert on the geopolitics of the region? An amateur photographer? Avid bike rider? Historian and author? Hiker and teller of dad jokes? We’ve got you covered.

Israeli Tour Guides

Every tour guide in Israel must be licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, and the process to become certified involves years of education and examinations. Dekel Tours only hires licensed tour guides (every guide we work with can be found on the Ministry of Tourism Israel Tour Guides list). But we also know that a license by itself doesn’t make someone the kind of tour guide we trust to help us create your once-in-a-lifetime Israel experience. Here are our tour guide non-negotiables: 

Fluent English
Experienced and professional
Courteous and customer service oriented
Open-minded and tolerant toward all
Approachable and friendly
Keep their personal beliefs to themselves
Engaging and interactive style

Beyond these must-haves, every guide adds their own special blend of personality, experience, expertise, and style.


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