Must do attractions during Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel


Your son has reached 13? Congratulations!

Bar Mitzvah tour Israel
Bar Mitzvah tour Israel

To ensure a meaningful and unforgettable journey in the boy’s life, as well as in the lives of all other family members, it is important to invest in proper planning of the family trip to Israel at all its facets.



Dekel Tours offers Custom Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel to specifically fit the values, needs and desires of the family members. The tour’s itinerary will be tailored together with you, in order to guarantee an enjoyable experience for all the adults and children in the group. Dekel Tours offers all-inclusive tour packages that includes flights, accommodation, transportation arrangements in Israel, guided tours, attractions, dining and of course, the Bar Mitzvah ceremony itself. From welcoming you after landing in Israel and until you board back homeBar Mitzvah tours in Israel – you will be accompanied by a private tour guide who will take care of everything.



When planning a Bar Mitzvah family trip to Israel, it is important to remember that teens may look for fun experiential things to do and luckily, Israel has no shortage of this kind of attractions. For example, take a jeep or ATV trip at the north of the country or Judean desert, go camel riding, hiking, rafting or kayaking on the Jordan River, try caves and mountain climbing, rappelling, paragliding and much more!



Bar Mitzvah tours in IsraelThere is no doubt that families treat a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel also as an opportunity to connect to their Jewish roots, the history of the people and the Jewish state. Dekel Tours’ guides are highly experienced in escorting Bar Mitzvah tours. They know how to present their explanations and choose the right sites to visit for the group, so everyone has an exciting adventure and enjoy an oriented tour. For example, as part of the tour it is possible to include a tour at the Shiloah Tunnel – a fun and exciting adventure in a tunnel dug in the days of King Hezekiah to create a source of water for the residents of Jerusalem within the walls. Walking in water is suitable for both adults and young people. Taking part in an archaeological excavation is another example of a fun and exciting activity in which you can become archaeologists for one day.


The benefit of a custom tripFamily trips to Israel is in the possibility to adapt the trip plan to the specific interests of the boy and the other family members. If the family likes dining, the tour can include culinary market tours, eating at highly regarded popular restaurants, visiting a chocolate factory and much more. If you like photography, we can combine your love of photography with tours in places with breathtaking views such as the Judean Desert, the green and rich landscapes of the north of the country, historical sites at the same time with modern landscapes and more. If your family likes culture, you can include visits to the country’s leading museums, popular galleries, culture institutions, shows etc. These are of course only a few examples.


Dekel Tours offers free trip consultation so that you can tell us what is important to you and what interests you and the rest of the group. We will design a Bar Mitzvah tour customized for your family. We would love to be a part of your joy and create everlasting memories you will never forget.
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