Luxury Day Tours in Israel

Luxury day tours in Israel allow you complete freedom to visit places you want and focus on what interests you. Our vastly knowledgeable private tour guides are flexible and will happily focus on what you want to see.


Take your tour at a slower pace and fill in the gaps with a few Israel day tours. Whether it is a family visit or a business meeting, enhance everyone’s stay by adding private day tours to the schedule that will bring to life the history, archeology and adventurous parts of Israel.


We plan luxury day tours in Israel as if they were our own. During a free trip consultation – tell us who you are, who you are coming with and things you wish to do. Working within any budget, we tailor a day (or two) excursion specific to your needs, wants, interests and goals. You get our most up-to-date expert advice to plan your ideal day tour in Israel.


Allow us to ease the process and create an all-inclusive private tour package for you. Contact us to discuss your private day tour and we will help you see the Israel you want to see when you want to see.

Family trips to Israel




  • Jerusalem
  • Judean Desert
  • Costal Plain
  • Petra / Eilat
  • Tel Aviv

Luxury day tour in Jerusalem


Israel’s ancient and modern capital offers tourists a wealth of attractions, so you can immerse yourself in biblical history, Jewish history and culture or modern stories.


For example, during a day tour in Israel, you can visit Mount Zion where all three major religions intertwine. You can witness the secrets of the Temple Mount at the Kotel Tunnels. Bring your water shoes and wade through the 2700 year old water tunnel created by King Hezekiyah!!


Let us know where your interests lie and we’ll create the perfect day in Jerusalem just for you. To see many more ideas, click private day tour in Jerusalem.

Luxury day tour to the Judean Desert 


The stark Judean Desert is beautiful and welcoming in any weather. Visit historical sites like Qumran and Masada or focus on the natural wonders of the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi.


To view more great ideas, click private day tour in the Judean Desert. Then contact us and we’ll take you wherever you want to go for an unforgettable Judean Desert adventure.

Luxury day tour on the Costal Plain


Some of the most beautiful sites in Israel are located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Scuba dive and snorkel in the ancient port city of Caesarea built by the megalomaniac King Herod . Experience traditional Druze hospitality at lunch in the Druze village of Daliyat-El-Carmel. Descend into the Grottos of Rosh Hanikra that were carved by the waters of the Mediterranean.


To learn more about the beautiful and interesting sites, click private day tours in Israel’s coastal plain. Tell us what you would like to see on the coast and we will take you on an exciting private Israel day tour.

Luxury day tour in Eilat & Petra


Visit the resorts of Eilat to enjoy water sports, beach relaxation and the colorful fish of the Dead Sea.


Take a camel ride or swim with dolphins in their natural habitat or dive to the coral reefs and see the colorful fish hidden below the ocean surface. You can also hop over to Petra to see the ancient rock-cut city.


To see other great ideas, click luxury day tour in Israel. Contact us and we will customize your Private Israel day tour to match your interests and show you the sites you most want to see in Israel’s south.

Luxury day tour in Tel-Aviv


A tour of Tel Aviv’s bustling metropolis is the perfect way to get a feel for contemporary Israel and Zionist history. Witness the beginning of the state of Israel at Independence Hall. Experience the Palmach Museum & learn about Israel’s military strength in 1948. Walk through Neve Tzedek and learn about the Bauhaus Architecture from our expert tour guide.


From Old Jaffa to Tel Aviv’s new port, be a part of Israel’s most fast-paced city. Click private day tour in Tel Aviv to see more off-the-beaten-track ideas. Our local knowledge is at your service to discover what aspects of Tel Aviv are of the greatest interest to you and we’ll create an unforgettable private Israel day tour.


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