Israel’s Best Water Hikes

Israel’s beautiful and diverse water sites are great for the whole family and are a unique addition to your private tour in Israel. Whether you prefer convenient and easy pools that can be reached by even the tiniest kids, mid-level hikes through streams and waterfalls, or a full-day trek where you’ll wade and float through streams and rivers, Dekel Tours can provide you with an intimate experience of Israel’s geography and natural wonders that you never before knew possible.

Whether your family trip or your Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel is in the Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter, there are definitely opportunities for all skill/difficulty levels to get to know Israel’s many natural springs and waterfalls.

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Israel has many opportunities to enjoy natural springs in an easy and convenient way. When family members of varying ability levels hike together, it is best to arrive directly at the nature site and avoid a long and arduous hike to get there.

Wadi Qelt

One of the best is Wadi Qelt, north of Jerusalem near Kfar Adumim, turn West from the access point to reach a series of large pools managed by Israel’s Nature and National Parks Authority. This popular spot sees 60,000 visitors a year and includes a pool deep enough to jump into, a waterfall that you can stand under for a rousing back massage, and a shallow stream with little nibbling fishes that even the smallest kids will enjoy.

Ein Levan

In South Jerusalem, there is Ein Levan (White Spring), on the same road just past the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens Biblical Zoo and Aquarium, which collects cool spring water into two large developed pools and is a popular picnic site in the summer months.

Nahal Snir

In the North, you can go to Nahal Snir (also called “Hazbani”) near Kibbutz Dafna. This tributary of the Jordan river offers gentle and slightly more difficult paths for all members of the family, including a 15-minute wheelchair-accessible path, a 30-minute stream walk and a 90-minute option as well.  While you’re there, you can even enjoy a delicious meal served on rustic tables between sections of the river at Kosher fish restaurant Dag al haDan. Highly recommended!

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When you want to fit a bit more of a hike into your private tour in Israel, but don’t necessarily have the whole day to spend on a trek, there are also a number of great options in the mid-range difficulty level.

Wadi Qelt

Wadi Qelt, mentioned above, also has a longer stream hike associated with it.

Aminidav Forest

 In South Jerusalem, you can drive up into the Aminidav Forest and take an hour or two hike which, as you curve around the side of the mountain, leads you past a number of large and deep natural swimming holes.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

If you’re in the Dead Sea area, be sure to check out the waterfalls at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, where you have the options both of the popular David Spring, and the less-popular Arugot Spring. Although the David Spring walk is a bit shorter, hikers are permitted to swim in the Arugot Spring, a definite sweetener!

Nahal HaKibbutzim

In the Jordan Valley, you can experience a fun 2-hour water-walk at the Nahal HaKibbutzim, which ends in a lovely concrete “Officers Pool,” built during the British Mandate.

Jilabun Stream

Likewise, there is another “Officers Pool” at the end of the hike at the Jilabun Stream, North of Katzrin. This lovely hike has you walk through a streambed for about a mile, past a 39-foot waterfall, on your way.

Nahal Amud

Also in the North, Nahal Amud, near Tzfat, offers a great hike along a stream with various hike options between 2 and 5 hours.

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Although the hikes listed in this section are not for the faint of heart, those of you looking for true adventure on your private tour in Israel can check out The Zaki, Nahal Yehudia, or Nahal Dragot (the Darga). These hikes will have you climbing and rappelling down 50-meters cliffs, or perhaps even wrapping your backpack and camera in waterproof plastic to float them across a lagoon.


Whatever your preferred skill/difficulty level, Dekel Tours maximizes every aspect of your adventure – from food and transportation to all the necessary equipment, to a knowledge of the surrounding natural history and ecology.


When planning your private tour in Israel, in addition to the myriad historical sites and cultural encounters you’ll surely want to include, talk to us at Dekel Tours about taking in some of Israel’s best water features. Giving the whole family a chance to splash in the water is always a treat!



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