Hannah Estrin

Israel private tour guideHaving worked in formal and informal Jewish Education for a dozen years before becoming a tour guide, Hannah Estrin loves bringing Judaism to life as she shares Israel with visitors. She believes that lasting memories of your trip begin from the time you step off the plane and will utilize all your senses in paving the way for the creation of those memories – from touching the stones of our history and smelling the fragrances of the land to seeing the blue of the sea and the sky, hearing the ancient language of Hebrew reborn, and of course tasting the many culinary delights of the land. Hannah uses a combination of traditional guiding and interactive education as she takes visitors through the history, culture and beauty of Israel. Not only will she bring you the facts during your travels but also uses stories, readings, music and humor to illustrate some of the many facets of rich background and life in Israel.

Hannah has hiked the 940 kilometer Israel Trail from Tel Dan in the North to Eilat in the South and is now working on some of the other beautiful trails in the country. In addition to hiking and backpacking, she loves to bike, explore new (and newly revealed) sites in Israel and simply enjoy the outdoors.