Family Trip to Israel – Traveling with Small Children



a family trip the the Jerusalem forestWhen planned well, taking the kids with you on a family trip to Israel can be a wonderful and meaningful experience for parents and children alike. Although in the past it was not customary to travel abroad with young children, today it is widely accepted and many families go on trips together without waiting until the babies grow up. However, traveling abroad with infants and toddlers can be quite a challenge. Unexpected changes might be easy for adults to deal with, but they can be problematic for the younger children. Therefore, it is very important to plan the trip in as much detail as you can and leave as little as possible to chance when it comes to the technical issues.

A family trip with children

A family trip to Israel should be planned with the children in mind so that everyone can have a good time together. For example, adults can enjoy a long drive, but small children might become impatient and cranky. Challenging walking tours are not suited to families with toddlers, so the trails should be chosen according to their abilities. It is also important to include attractions and activities which are suitable for the children’s ages and interests. 

A customized family trip to Israel

a family picture at the dead seaDekel Tours offers family trips to Israel, personally adapted to families and their wishes, interests and requirements, and of course – their budget. Dekel Tours has extensive experience in organizing private tours in Israel for families with young children. Each trip is different from the rest because it is tailored to the family’s specific needs. As part of the planning, Dekel Tours makes sure that all the elements of the itinerary are suitable for small children, including sleeping arrangements, schedule, locations, attractions, activities, restaurants, and more.

professionally organized trip

A family trip to Israel with Dekel Tours combines the advantages of a professionally organized trip with those of a self-arranged one. A company representative is at your service throughout your stay in Israel and everything is planned according to your wishes, including personally-arranged tours with Israel private tour guides. This way, you no longer have to worry about planning the trip, driving in Israel, finding your destination or taking care of the multitude of small details. Instead, you can take full advantage of your vacation with your loved ones and discover Israel in the way that suits you best while enjoying unique experiences that cater to everyone’s interests, preferences and needs.

Dekel Tours offers a free trip consultation during which you are welcome to discuss your planned tour dates, the number of participants and their ages, any specific desires and needs, family interests, and more. With this information and thanks to the vast experience of Dekel Tours, a Israel-based travel agency, its representatives will customize a trip especially for your family.

A well-planned family trip abroad can be a wonderful experience with beautifully memorable moments, but it is a project that requires thought and careful design. Let Dekel Tours take care of everything to ensure your family a perfect vacation filled with attractions for children and an unforgettable time. All you have to do is pack your luggage and have a great trip!

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