Family Trip to Israel – The Dead Sea


Family trips to Israel in The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s most unique locations. It is the lowest place on earth, and offers spectacular views to its visitors. It is a must during a family trip to Israel, providing enjoyment and amazement for the whole family. While at the Dead Sea, there are opportunities to visit historical sites, enjoy a visit to an unusual natural setting, float on the Dead Sea and relax on its beaches. Dekel Tours offers customized day trips to the Dead Sea for families, groups and even individuals who want to make the best use of their time.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a world-class phenomenon. It was formed by the Syrian African rift, which crosses the globe from Turkey to Africa. The rift passes through Israel, from the Red Sea, through the Arava (southern desert), the Dead Sea and the Jordan Valley to the hills in the north of the country, the Sea of Galilee and Upper Galilee. Over the ages, the waters of the Dead Sea have evaporated rapidly, leaving concentrated mineral deposits. The extraordinary combination of the wild, rocky landscape and the deep blue water of the Sea, together with the medical properties of the water and the mud, make this a very desirable destination for tourists of all kinds.

Main Sites Near the Dead Sea

Family trips to Israel in Ein Gedi

A visit to the Dead Sea is an excellent and popular choice if you are planning a private day tour in Israel. As a tour company that specializes in private tours in Israel, we can plan your visit according to your special interests, and what you want to see and experience, depending on age and other factors.

Here are a few examples of thing to do in the Dead Sea area:

Walks in nature

around the Dead Sea you will find natural springs emerging from the rocks. Ein Gedi, Nachal Arugot in the northern Dead Sea, and Nachal Bokek in the south offer several hours of wonderful walking experiences with opportunities to bathe in the refreshing springs.


next to the Dead Sea stands the fortress of Masada, a historic site of great significance to the Jewish people. Ascending Masada is a highly recommended part of any visit to the Dead Sea, either by foot or by cable car. The view from the top is breathtaking, and an experienced guide can provide fascinating explanations of the site’s history. If you are visiting as part of a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, why not hold the ceremony at the top of the mountain, an unforgettable experience in a Biblical setting.

Bathing in the Dead Sea

along the shores of the Dead Sea are a number of authorized bathing areas, with cloakrooms, showers and rescue services. A dip in the Dead Sea is a unique experience, as the high concentration of salt allows you to float on the surface. Both adults and children will remember this as one of the most extraordinary experiences during their visit to Israel.

Jeep Tour

if you like to combine nature with extreme sports, you will love this way of experiencing the variety in the desert.

relaxing vacation in a hotel

There are several hotels in the area, so it is possible to spend more than one day here. You can have a relaxing vacation in a hotel on the Dead Sea shore, combined with a private day tour with a guide and transport.

Private luxury day tours

Private luxury day tours in Israel offer numerous advantages. A professional tour company can plan the perfect schedule for you, with an experienced guide to accompany you, transport and more. The itinerary is planned individually to match your tastes, whether you are looking for attractions for children and teenagers, historical, archaeological and cultural sites, or others. A private day tour with your own guide and transport enables you to get the most out of your visit, just as you wish.

Dekel Tours – Private day tours in Israel

Dekel Tours offers tailor made private tours in Israel as well as all-inclusive packages, where it organizes your whole trip to Israel, from flights and accommodation, to daily schedules and transport, private guide and more. As well as planning trips for individuals, couples, families and groups, the company has extensive experience organizing Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel, for which the company also takes care of all the arrangements for the actual ceremony for this momentous occasion.


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