Family Trip to Eilat, Israel


Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city on the shores of the Red Sea, is at the heart of the Syrian-African Rift, which makes for an amazing stay. It is surrounded by a landscape of untamed red-colored mountains, has spectacular beaches with turquoise waters and abundant coral reefs, and boasts fascinating tourist attractions. A visit to Eilat should be planned well so as to use the time wisely and tailor the visit to each member of the family and their areas of interest — whether it be birdwatching, nature hikes, shopping tours, challenging sports, or sunbathing on the beach.

Dekel Tours, a company that specializes in private tours in Israel, will be happy to plan the perfect trip for you, including a visit to Eilat, to give you the perfect experience in Israel.

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The Red Sea

Sites and Attractions in Eilat

Eilat offers many options for everyone. Here are some examples of things to do and see:

Diving and snorkeling 

The Red Sea’s rich variety of coral reefs near the coast provides visitors to Eilat with a spectacular diving experience. Visitors can rent full diving equipment or use a snorkel and fins, which is suitable for young children, too.

The Underwater Observatory

One of the best-known tourist spots in Israel, the Underwater Observatory is located beneath the sea, which enables visitors to get a close view, in a special observatory hall, at the breathtaking coral reefs and fish. There are also aquariums with collections of coral and fish with detailed explanations of what you are seeing.

Dolphin Reef

Eilat has a protected nature reserve surrounded by a beautiful, well-cared-for beach where visitors can swim with dolphins.

Family trip to lsrael Eilat
Dolphin Reef

Ocean Sports

Eilat has many places where visitors can enjoy challenging ocean sports, including banana boats, kayaking, parasailing, and more, tailored for teenagers and people with a sense of adventure.


Eilat’s unique location and the mountains surrounding make it an excellent place to hike. We recommend hiring a professional in order to plan your hike, in accordance with current weather conditions.


Eilat has wonderful shopping centers and affordable prices. We recommend a trip to the mall, where you can also go ice-skating, an amazing experience for children and teens.


Custom Family Trip to Eilat

Custom Family Trip to Eilat
Water sports in Eilat

We recommend hiring a professional travel agency which specializes in custom family trips to Israel to plan your trip to Eilat. The area is isolated and hot, and it is necessary to know what kind of attractions are suitable for the time of your visit. In addition, there is a wide variety of hotels in Eilat, with prices to match. The hospitality options range from private apartment rentals and no-frills hostels to world-class five-star hotels.

Since Eilat is a remote city in the south of Israel, it is a good idea to use the time wisely. Travelers can save a great deal of time by flying there from Tel Aviv. It is also possible to drive there and enjoy the journey, which is fascinating, beautiful, and filled with sites and attractions along the Jordan Valley.

The abundance of attractions makes Eilat a wonderful option for all ages, as well as a great choice for a family trip to Israel. Dekel Tours tailors the trip to your wishes and requirements, such as the number of days planned for the trip and whether you would like to stay only in Eilat or make it part of a larger trip to Israel.

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Eilat harbour

Dekel Tours — All-inclusive Tour Packages and Luxury Day Tours in Israel

Dekel Tours offers all-inclusive packages of private tours in Israel individually tailored for the whole family. As part of these packages, Dekel Tours takes care of all aspects of the trip including flights, lodging, transportation, a daily trip schedule, and everything else. For example, if you are interested in a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel or a Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, Dekel Tours can also make all the arrangements for the ceremony including the party, in accordance with the family’s values and wishes.

In addition to the all-inclusive packages, Dekel Tours offers luxury day tours in Israel. If you wish to plan most of the tour yourselves, you can include a day or several days in Eilat or anywhere else in Israel, with a private, licensed and experienced tour guide who will build you the perfect itinerary that enables you to see and experience exactly what you wish.


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