Bar / Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel with the extended family


Bar / Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel with the extended familyPlanning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel can be a complicated task when you focus on your core family, the parents and children. But it is an even more challenging task if you are making plans for the extended family, when other relatives are involved such as grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. Bar and Bat Mitzvah are a significant event in the life of the child, and the participation of the extended family in the exciting ceremony intensifies the experience.

Planning a trip to Israel for the extended family means above all that you have to take care of logistics on a much broader scale. Whereas a family trip to Israel implies booking one or two rooms at a hotel, with the extended family you will need more rooms. You will also need to organize suitable transportation arrangements during your stay, for example a minibus or bus to take everyone from place to place. Tours will require advance planning and arrangements, especially ones that include visiting sites, especially when a relatively large group is arriving, and entry tickets are needed. The same is true for restaurants, for which it is recommended to reserve your tables in advance.

There is no doubt that thorough advance preparation of the trip you will guarantee optimal minimization of the risk of any errors and unpleasant surprises which could ruin the entire experience. Beyond the technical details of planning a tour for the extended family, it is important to know Israel and the wide range of options it offers to ensure that all participants will enjoy the trip, from small children to adults. Deciding on the schedule, tours and attractions so that they will lead to great memories and experience for all involved is not an easy task. You should consider whether some tours may be physically challenging and therefore not necessarily suitable for little children or the grandparents. Moreover, the fields of interests of children, teenagers, adults and elders are not always in line with each other.


Dekel Tours – Customized Bar & Bat Mitzah tours in Israel


Customized Bar & Bat Mitzah tours in IsraelDekel Tours is an Israeli tour agency specializing in family trips to Israel and in particular Bat and Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel. Dekel Tours has vast experience in planning personally tailored tours for many families. Each tour is unique, because each family has its specific character, interests and needs. Dekel Tours’ commitment is to plan the perfect tour for each family according to its specifications. To do this, Dekel Tours offers a free trip consultation in order to understand the family’s requirements, wishes, values and interests and thus plan the ideal trip arrangements together.

Dekel Tours offers all-inclusive tour packages to provide a suitable response to all of the family’s needs during the trip, from arrival to departure. While in Israel, the family is accompanied by a Dekel Tours representative and certified, experienced, English speaking tour guides. Dekel Tours takes care of all of the family’s requirements and can deal efficiently with any unexpected situations which may arise during the trip, to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Dekel Tours has extensive experience in planning family and group trips for a wide range of ages, including flights, sleeping arrangements, tours and attractions, and of course the Bat or Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Dekel Tour takes care of everything so that all of the family members will return home with fond and lifelong memories.


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