Where to Eat on a Family Trip to Israel


Family trips to IsraelIsrael is internationally recognized for its culinary world. It is identified with a variety of flavors, scents and types of cuisine which is as rich as the multicultural nature of the country. Throughout the years, many immigrants have come to Israel from all over the world and each ethnic group and community has brought its own unique style of cooking. Thus the variety of foods in Israel is extremely rich and during your trip it is recommended to try and discover as many culinary worlds as you can, from the vivid markets and the street food offered there, to the local wineries and the fresh and delightful food served at many fine restaurants throughout Israel.

A custom family trip to Israel ensures that you will enjoy unforgettable culinary experiences according to your personal taste. A travel agency which specializes in all-inclusive tour packages will take care of all the required aspects of your trip such as flights sleeping arrangements, daily schedule, different attractions and the culinary aspect as well. Whether you are coming to Israel for a family vacation or you are interested in a Bar or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, a customized trip is the recommended way to benefit from this wonderful experience with your entire family.


A Variety of Culinary Possibilities in Israel


Travelers will often be surprised by the varied culinary options around. The new immigrants arriving in Israel, introduce us to their own culture – from music through food to rituals.

Make sure you have at least one culinary adventure during your trip to Israel:


Family trips to Israel with colinery attractionsThe variety in Israel is tremendous. You can enjoy restaurants featuring seafood, meat dishesor dairy products and ethnic cuisines such as Indian, Mexican, Sudanese, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Ethiopian, Moroccan and more.
The location of the restaurants in Israel is part of the experience. There are restaurants on the beach which through their windows the beautiful sea and waves unfurl before your eyes. Some are located in an impressive mountain landscape, surrounded by forests and natural scenery. Others are located right at the heart of the cities and enable you to enjoy the bustling urban view. This combination of panorama and original tastes makes any meal in an Israeli restaurant a unique and unforgettable experience.

Market Tours

The markets in Israel are very colorful. They include vegetable stands, fruit stands , pastry, locally-made cheese from dozens of private and commercial dairies and more. In addition, you can try the spices and their flavors which add zest to every meal, and to the multiple options of street foods such as hummus, falafel, and shawarma.

Wine Tasting

The Israeli wine market has gradually become popular worldwide, with wines developed and manufactured in Israel earning respectable awards. The unique climate as well as the originality and daring spirit have contributed to the development of wonderful wines throughout the various wineries in Israel, from north to south. It is possible to plan private tours in Israel which includes wine tasting in different wineries, both commercial and boutique for those who truly love wine. The tours include lectures, tasting and the option of purchasing wine.


Custom Family Trips to Israel


Culinary private trips in Israel

Family trips to Israel organized by professionals and personally tailored for you is a wonderful way to enjoy this magical country through its landscape, people and flavors. Families arriving to Israel for a vacation or a family event such as a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel can include local culinary sites in their trips.

Good food is inseparable from every vacation and in the context of a personally-tailored trip, a professional agency will take care of this aspect and ensure that at every stage all of the family members, young and adults, enjoy delicious meals. Dekel Tours offers customized family trips to Israel, designed together with you. Each trip is unique and designed to suit your family members,  so that it will be based on your needs and interests, from the flavors your family members like to accommodating nutritional limitations, allergies or food sensitivities and respecting the kosher level you keep. Dekel Tours’ custom-designed trips enable each traveler who comes to Israel to enjoy a wonderful experience of unforgettable flavors, aromas, spices and food.


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