Visiting Israel during Passover

Passover is a prime time to be in Israel and if you are here on a family or Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip, it will truly be a unique experience. About a week before Passover, grocery stores, restaurants, and even buses start their “Spring cleaning” by getting rid of Chametz (non-kosher for Passover food) or any bread products. Yes, being the land of Pita, it is hard to imagine a week of no Pita, but Israel makes it work! Unlike being anywhere else in the world during Passover, with a small selection of Kosher restaurants, if you come to Israel get ready to have an ample amount of food choices!

Spring is upon us and school is out for two weeks, be prepared to see the country filled with kids and families taking trips all over Israel! Many times, you will see Bar & Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel because the weather is so nice this time of year and there are a countless number of things to do around the country. For Israeli families, this is the perfect time of year to travel around their own country.

Recommended Attractions for a family trip to Israel during Passover

Every year, there are select Israeli Museums open for free during the Passover holiday. These include some of the best museums in Israel such as, Tel Aviv Musuem of Art, City of David in Jerusalem, Haifa Zoo, and much more. So, while you’re visiting on your family trip to Israel do not miss this opportunity to get cultured for free!

Another annual event for the whole family, is the Nuriot Flower Picking Festival in the South. Nuriot are believed to be Persian buttercups in English. The annual flower picking festival is on Moshav Be’er Tuvia, and a colorful event that’s perfect for a family trips to Israel. In addition, there is the Moshav Country Fair with arts and crafts and music for all ages!

While the sun is out, you might as well head to the beach and soak up that Vitamin D! It might be a good idea to get there on the early side, since you most likely won’t be the only one with the idea. Pack plenty of snacks to last the day or eat at one of the many beach restaurants and don’t forget to drink lots and lots of water, the Israeli sun is no joke.

Take advantage of the perfect weather and head out of town on a day tour! Spend a day in the Judean Desert, visiting the the ancient fortress Masada, containing ruins of King Herods Palace. Or a morning hike through the nature reserve, Ein Gedi finishing up at the Dead Sea. If the desert isn’t your thing, do not fret because the northern part of the country is just as beautiful. Go wine tasting at Tishbi Winery and wander through Zikhron Ya’akov, one of the first Jewish Settlements in the country.

To end the holiday off right, make sure you enjoy a Mimouna celebration, this is not to be missed! This is a celebration by Moroccan Jews the day after Passover, usually consisting of tables full of cakes and breads. It doesn’t matter your roots – American, Eastern, European, Asian- if you want an experience like no other to take home with you, a Mimouna party is the place to be!

Spring time is a great time to visit for aprivate tour in Israel.  Whether it is during a day with a guide, or even on your days at leisure, take advantage of the fact that you are in Israel during this time of year, and join the locals to celebrate the holiday!


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