Unique Ideas for Family Trips to Israel


If you’ve been to Israel before, or even if it’s your first time in Israel but you’re still looking for something different, there are many interesting and different things to do and experience in the country.  Dekel Tours, a tour company that specializes in private tours in Israel is happy to help plan a trip full of unique activities.  Whether you are coming for a family trip to Israel, a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel or a Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel, Dekel Tours is here to help you plan your vacation.  Though we specialize in putting together a complete package, we can also help with luxury day tours in Israel if you just have a day or two that you want help planning.

Some unique ideas for your tour include:

Food tours and workshops

Food tours and workshops in Israel

Israel has food from all over the world, specializing of course in Middle Eastern food including hummus and falafel. But in addition to those, Israel has many other food options.  From wine making tocheese making to creating olive oil as our ancestors did, Israel has it all! There are food tours and tastings in many of the numerous markets all over the country. You can also have a unique experience eating with a Druze family, or even a traditional Bedouin meal.  If you’re a foodie, Israel is the place to be!

Hi-tech tours

Tel Aviv is known as a major hub for hi-tech companies. It is ranked the world’s third largest start up ecosystem. Take a tour and see what’s up and coming!

Graffiti tours

As in cities worldwide, graffiti is a huge part of the culture. Whether in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, graffiti tells the social, political, and cultural story of the country. Take a tour through Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem or through Neveh Tzedek in Tel Aviv to learn about what’s going on in Israel as well as just enjoy the street art.

Geopolitical tours

Jeep tours in Israel

If you are interested in the current situation in Israel, there are geopolitical tours throughout the country. You can drive along the border between East and West Jerusalem, and visit the border between Israel and Lebanon, hearing the stories of the people who live near there.  You can visit towns bordering Gaza, and hear about what it is like to live there today.

Jeep tours

From the north to the south, there are jeep tours throughout Israel. Use this off-road vehicle as a way to tour different areas that you otherwise may not be able to get to.  Visit the border with Syria, take a jeep through vineyards, drive up the old Burma road leading to Jerusalem.  Another great idea for a family trip to Israel is taking a jeep safari in the evening, in the desert or the Golan to see some of the creatures that come out at night!

Archaeological digs

Archaeological digs in Israel

Israel is rich with history and archaeological sites. Not only can you visit many such sites throughout the country, but at some of them you can even participate in the dig with your family! This is a great way to connect with your Jewish roots during a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel.  Experience what it’s like to be an archaeologist, and meet professional archaeologists as you join a dig for a day. Be sure to wear closed toed shoes!


Whether you and your family are interested in adventure, politics, history, technology or art, Israel has something for everyone!  During your private tour in Israel you can do any combination of these, and more.  Even if you only want a day tour in Israel, Dekel Tours is happy to help arrange for any and all of these options and more.  Once you speak with a Dekel Tours representative, we will help design an itinerary that is custom made to your interests, no matter what they are.