Traveling Israel with Young Children

Visiting Israel is wonderful for people of all ages. Though many young families worry about traveling with their young children, it is easy to find interactive attractions throughout Israel that will keep your children engaged and having a great time! From riding donkeys or camels to swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, digging in archaeological sites and more, there is plenty for your children to enjoy during your family trip in Israel!


Here are some of the amazing things to do with your young children:

Archaeological dig

In Katrzrin, Jerusalem, Beit Guvrin and more you can become an archaeologist and dig for ancient artifacts! Don’t just go to a museum, see where the museums find the ancient objects. Led by professionals, you will have a chance to go to live sites and find coins, pottery and more.

Archaeological dig in Israel

Animal parks

Do your children love animals? In Jerusalem, stop by the Biblical Zoo where you can see the animals mentioned in the Bible (as well as interesting descriptions and passages included for adults to enjoy). If you’re around Tel Aviv, there is the safari in Ramat Gan where you can drive within the animals’ habitats and get to know them up close! Interested in a more natural experience? Visit the Hula Valley during migration season to see the birds that come through on their way north or south.

Animal parks in Israel

Food picking

Whether as a volunteer project or just for your own enjoyment there are places all over Israel to pick different fruits and vegetables. If you’re more interested in volunteering, join Leket and pick whatever they are picking that day that will be donated to food shelters and people who are hungry. What a great Tikun Olam project while on a bat mitzvah tour in Israel. If you want just a fun day where you keep your rewards, visit Ein Zivan or various other locations for cherry picking, clementine picking and many others.



Jeep rides

Fun for the whole family! Taking a jeep ride allows you and your family to explore the country off-road. Whether through the Judean desert, Golan heights, Ramon Crater or anywhere else, you will get to see parts of the country otherwise out of reach, and riding in a jeep is always exciting!

Jeep rides in Israel

Food workshops

Israel has amazing food, and is known particularly for its dairy! Many of the farms allow you to visit their dairies, pet and feed the cows, maybe even milk them, but more than that, they let you see where they make their dairy products. Watch how to make milk, cheese, and even ice cream, and take a turn to make your own! If you’re not as interested in dairy, visit a chocolate factory and make your own chocolate, or learn to make bread, grape juice, or olive oil using ancient methods and tools. No matter your taste, there’s an option for everyone.

Food workshops in Israel

Ride donkeys or camels

Whether you’re up north or down south, there are plenty of opportunities to ride camels (and often pair it with baking your own pita!). At numerous places, you can take a look back in time and experience what it was like to live in the time of our ancestors, before cars, trucks and even bicycles. You can also visit Bedouin tribes and enjoy their hospitality, ride a camel, and even sleep in a Bedouin tent!

Ride donkeys in Israelcamel rides in Israel 





Water hikes

Throughout Israel there are natural springs, rivers, streams, and waterfalls where you can take an easy hike and enjoy with your family! Jump in natural pools, or just stick your feet in and enjoy the cool water, walk through the water in tunnels or in outdoor streams, the options are endless! You can also plan a ceremony in one of the many nature reserves with beautiful surroundings on a bar mitzvah tour in Israel!

Water hikes in Israel


Whether your children are interested in animals, food, digging, art, rides, or anything else, there are plenty of options here in Israel! If you’re not sure what to do for your whole trip, or you even want help planning a luxury day tour in israel with your family, Dekel Tours is happy to help plan to meet your needs. We can include any of these and many more child-friendly ideas that will keep your child entertained while you also get a great experience!



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