Transportation in Israel

Whether you are on a business trip or a family trip in Israel, you need to know how to get from place to place.  Here at Dekel Tours, we are happy to give you advice as to the best way to get from one point to another, or we can hire a service to transfer you.  Israel actually has an amazing public transportation system, and while we don’t have Uber, we do have Gett.  If you would rather everything be prearranged, there are also car services, limousine services, and of course van and bus services.

Public Transportation:

If you want to save some money, or you’re just curious how locals (the ones who don’t have their own cars) get around, the public transportation system is for you!  Depending on how long you are in the country, you may consider getting a Rav Kav, which is a card on which you can load money that works on the buses and the light rail in Jerusalem.  You can also load specific tickets onto it, such as train tickets from place to place.  Most bus tickets within a city cost 5.90 shekels, but between cities of course depends on where you’re going. To look into buses, you can check on the Egged website.


The train is another great option getting from city to city, as long as you’re along the route.  Haifa, Naharia, Tel Aviv, all the way to Beer Sheva are easy to get to by train, as is Modiin and the cities surrounding Tel Aviv.  If you need to get to the Golan, Galilee, or Jerusalem, usually bus is the way to go.  To look up train schedules, check the Rail Israel website.

touring in Haifa - Israel



If you don’t want to plan ahead, but still want to get somewhere directly, without worrying about extra bus or train stops, you can always take a taxi.  If you’re somewhere without taxis easily accessible on the street, you can download the app Gett Taxi, and order a taxi, similar to how Uber works except with certified taxi drivers.

Flying to Eilat

To get to Eilat, unless you have places you want to see along the way, we recommend flying, as it is not very expensive and is very quick.  The two airlines that fly there are Arkia and Israir.

touring in Eilat - Israel


Shared bike in Tel Aviv

If you’re within Tel Aviv and just looking for a fun way to get around, you can take a shared bike.  All you have to do is put in your credit card when you take it out, and when you return it the time will stop and you will be charged for the amount of time you used it.  If you’re not going too far, the first half hour is free!

biking in Tel Aviv - Israel


Public transportation is pretty simple and straightforward, but for further distances it is not always easy or convenient.

Private Transportation

If you are looking for convenience and don’t want to worry or lug your luggage around, private transportation is the way to go.  You can contact us at Dekel Tours, and we can arrange for a car for a day, just a transfer, or of course, a full private tour in Israel.  We can organize anything from a prearranged taxi, to VIP transportation with wifi, USB ports, lounge chairs, and plenty of leg room and space for luggage.  We only work with only the best drivers.  If you are coming as a big Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel, we will order a van or a bus just for you and your family. 

Of course there are also many car rental services, in which you can driver yourself around.  If you have data while here, Waze (an Israeli made app) or Google Maps are the best ways to navigate.

Whatever your needs, we are happy to help provide you with transportation or guide you if you choose to find your own.   There are options for everyone.



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