Tourism from the USA to Israel


Old City Jerusalem
Old City Jerusalem

Israel is a destination that offers considerable advantages such as an extensive tourism infrastructure, comfortable and varied climate and an ideal, balanced combination of historical, religious, archeological, cultural and natural sites – all in a relatively small country. The leading tourist cities in Israel are Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Eilat and Tiberius, with the Dead Sea and Masada being the leading sites outside of the cities.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel, in 2010 about 29% of the tourists were from America, with visitors from the USA representing about 22% of the tourists in Israel. Regarding the principal objectives of the visit, about 38% of the tourists came for religious reasons. This includes Christian tourism, in which the tourist usually visits sites that are sacred to the Christian faith, such as churches and places where Jesus and Christian saints lived or stayed.

Bat Mitzvah tour Israel at the western wall
Bat Mitzvah tour Israel

Of course, Jewish tourism is very popular as well, especially Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah tours in Israel as families come to celebrate this important event in the life of their children, which symbolizes their maturity and acceptance to follow the mitzvahs. About 28% of the tourists come for purely leisure and entertainment reasons, whether on family trips to Israel, trips with friends or as individuals. About 17% of the tourists come for family reasons and 15% come for business and conferences.

leading tourist destination

Jerusalem is the leading tourist destination in Israel. In 2010, the Western Wall was visited by 77% of the tourists from abroad and 60% also visited the Via Dolorosa. After Jerusalem, the leading cities and sites are Tel Aviv (54% of the visitors), the Dead Sea (49%), the Sea of Galilee and surrounding region (42%) and Eilat (15%).

Further statistics show that this trend of tourism from the United States to Israel is continuing over the years: out of 300,000 tourists who arrived in July 2012, the highest number was from the USA (70,000 tourists). Jerusalem was the main destination with about 80% of the visitors. In 2013, Americans again represented the highest number of tourists with 623,000 visitors.

all-inclusive private tour packages

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