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Israel is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world, of all religions and all ages. Groups of visitors are a common part of the Israeli landscape. Due to the stormy history of the region and its importance to so many religions, it is vital to plan your trip carefully and include luxury day tours in Israel that enable you to experience a specific area, site or attraction in a way that fits the interests and character of your family. You can include a personally tailored day tour within the framework of any visit to Israel, according to your preferences.

Day tours in Israel  Jerusalem
Damascus Gate, Jerusalem, Israel

What is a custom day tour?

Many visitors want to tour Israel independently, but want to have one day that is planned in advance. You can include a custom day tour tailored for families, couples, groups or anyone who is looking for a professionally planned and highly enjoyable experience. The trip might focus on a specific area of Israel, or be based on specific interests, such as history, art, culinary, walking in nature, and so on. Families often ask for day tours to sites such as the Dead Sea, the Negev, Tel Aviv and the central region, Haifa and the north, and of course Jerusalem and its surroundings.


Advantages of private tours in Israel

Planning ahead allows you to take full advantage of your time and see all the places that interest you the most. For example, family trips to Israel can be customized exactly to your family’s preferences:

customized tours

Customizing the trip according to age

Day tours in Israel  Tel Aviv

a trip for a couple is different than a trip for a family with young children or teenagers. Planning is especially challenging for families with a range of ages: for example, if your family is coming on a Bar or Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel with younger siblings. A professional tours agency that specializes in customized day tours will know just which sites and attractions to include in the tour and ensure that everyone has a great time.

Private transport

driving anywhere in the world involves the risk of getting lost, encountering traffic jams, and trying to understand traffic and parking arrangements, which all take time and resources, and can even ruin the experience. Private transportation for a custom tour can save a lot of hassle and time that you don’t want to waste.

Private guide

having your own Israeli private tour guide ensures that you get to your destination without problems and you can benefit from his knowledge and experience. The guide can adapt his commentary to the specific interests and ages of a group or family.


Including a day trip as part of a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah tour in Israel


Bar mitzvah tour Israel

Customized day trips are the ideal choice for families who are thinking of a Bat or Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel and want to enjoy the benefits of professional planning for the actual day. This is a momentous occasion which must be carefully planned, with numerous arrangements. A tour company that specializes in private tours in Israel can plan a ceremony at the Western Wall or anywhere else in Israel, as well as arranging tours before and after the ceremony, a restaurant meal of your choice, and an evening party for you and your guests. Of course, on the day itself you will have your own personal guide and transportation.


This is a very popular option, as the day is an emotional occasion for the whole family, and you want everything to run smoothly. The best way of ensuring this is to work with a professional company that can organize every detail and leave you free to experience the event. The company can also arrange for hotel accommodations near the ceremony, organize transport and much more. Leaving it to a tour company enables the family to focus on the celebration and their guests.


Touring Israel with luxury day tours is the best way of enjoying the country, making the best use of your time, and achieving the purpose of your visit, whether it’s a romantic tour for a young couple, a search for family roots, a bar or bat mitzvah celebration, or any other purpose.


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