Things to do in Shfela

During your trip to Israel, whether you’re staying in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, take some time to enjoy the many things that Shfela has to offer! The Shfela, which is located between the Judean Mountains and the coast, has many different things to do. From army encounters to museums there are a lot of fun family activities for your family trip in Israel.

Dekel Tours, which specializes in personalized trips to Israel, is happy to help create your itinerary and find what your family is most interested to do in Shfela. Easily accessible from both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, we will work with you to find the most fitting activities for your family.


Mini Israel
Mini Israel


Some of the many things to do in Shfela include:

Mini Israel

A scale model of Israel located near Latrun, enjoy an overview of the country and wander through the entirety of Israel just walking around! Great with children on a family trip in Israel, where they can understand the country in a fun environment.

Latrun Tank Museum

Climb on tanks and learn about the armored unit in the Israeli Army. Whether you are on a Bar Mitzvah trip in Israel or just traveling with your family, it is an interesting visit to learn about the army, which is a central part of the Israeli culture, since all citizens are drafted at the age of 18.

Laser training

If you want a more interactive experience which is great for families, enjoy a laser training activity led by actual soldiers! Learn what it is like to train as the soldiers in the Israeli army do, and get a taste of what all Israeli citizens experience.

Machon Ayalon

An underground bullet factory from the time Israel became a state, the Ayalon Institute tells the story of the creation of the Israeli Defense Forces and what existed before Israel became a state with a real army. If you are interested in the army, this is a great addition during your private tour in Israel.

Children’s museum

Located in Holon, the children’s museum has multiple pieces. We highly recommend visiting the Blind Museum, where you can experience what it is like to do different daily activities in complete darkness. Led by tour guides who themselves are blind, it is incredible to experience! Other options include understanding aging, and trying to get an idea what it is like to be deaf. No matter what your interest, they are all wonderful interactive museums perfect for any trip.

Guide Dog Center

If you’re a dog lover, take a tour of the guide dog training center to see how they train the dogs. If you’re lucky, you may get to see some of the puppies while they are training them.

No matter what your interests, there is a lot to do in the Shfela region of Israel. Whether you are a couple, a family, or a full group, Dekel Tours is happy to talk to you about your interests and help decide what is best to fit into your itinerary. We can either help plan a full itinerary, or even just a full or half day if you have some spare time during the rest of your trip.



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