Sporting throughout Israel

If your family enjoys extreme sporting, Israel is the place for you! Israelis themselves are very active people, and love being outdoors.  Throughout the country, whether you are around Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, or in the North or the South there are tons of sporting activities for families, couples, and individuals.  As you plan your family trip to Israel, make sure to check out some of the many options available!

Here at Dekel Tours, we are happy to tell you about which sport options are most convenient for your trip.  Whether you are here for a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, Bat Mitzvah trip, or just a family visit, we can help plan sports into a full itinerary, or just help book a single activity.

Some of the many sporting activities in Israel include:


in the outskirts of Jerusalem, cliffs in the desert down south, and natural bridges in the north, there is rappelling all over the country.  You can plan it on its own, as part of a hike, or even with caving as part of the same tour!


Israel is full of excavation sites, which involves numerous caves! Take your headlamp and crawl through tight spaces, twisting and turning underground and sometimes enjoying pitch black caverns

Water sports

down south in Eilat, all along the Mediterranean coast, and even north in the Sea of Galilee, the beaches in Israel offer tons of water sports. 

Here are just a few of the options:

Scuba diving

Eilat has a great reef for divers to check out! Learn to dive or just rent equipment if you’re already certified.


If you prefer to stay afloat, go out snorkeling and enjoy the many fish species around Eilat.


along the coast are beach areas that are designated just for surfing! Rent a board or take a class!

Water tubing/ wake surfing/ wake boarding

hang on or surf on a boat’s tow. Even if you don’t want to participate, just head out on the boat to watch the rest of your family ride!

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Whether you want to drive yourself or just enjoy the ride, tour different areas of Israel in jeeps or ATVS and get an off-road view of the country. Tours are available on the beaches, through vineyards, in the desert and more! You can even head out and try to see some of Israel’s animals during your ride, particularly if you go in the evening.

jeeping in Israel

Attend a sporting event

even if you’re not into sporting yourself, enjoy a sporting event.  Soccer and basketball are big events here. You might even be able to meet some players!


No matter what you enjoy in sports, it is sure exist here in Israel!  As Dekel Tours specializes in private tours in Israel, we can make your requests become a reality! Just tell us what you enjoy, and we will make sure it is part of your trip.


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