Reliving the Lives of our Ancestors

historical sites in IsraelIsrael is known for its rich history, both Biblically and from archaeology.  Whether you are coming for a family trip in Israel or to celebrate a special occasion, make sure to explore the many historical sites. Some people may shy away from the history when traveling with children, but there are many places that make history accessible and fun for everyone!

While there are numerous sites to explore amazing ancient ruins, and guides do a fantastic job of bringing the ruins to life, and other sites to dig around archaeological sites yourself and discover history on your own, there are other sites that use less imagination.


On your tour, be sure to include some of these interactive reenactment sites and sites that take you back to how life once was in this land:

Genesis Land (Outside of Jerusalem)

near Jerusalem lies an amazing place that takes you back to Biblical times to experience the lives of our ancestors.  Ride camels, shepherd a flock of sheep, and even experience Abraham’s hospitality!  Amazing both for a day tour, but also as part of a larger Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel, go and spend time experiencing life as described in the bible.  It is also an amazing location for a celebratory meal!

Kfar Kedem (Near Tzippori)

For an experience reenacting life in ancient Israel in the lower Galilee, visit Kfar Kedem.  Dress in the traditional garb, ride donkeys, and make your own cheese, oil, and wine using ancient methods.  Another great place to enjoy with your family, or as a celebration, and have a traditional meal

Nazareth Village (Nazareth)

Go back in time but from a more Christian perspective in Nazareth Village.  Watch a live donkey pressing grapes to make wine, see a woman spinning wool (and try it yourself!), and learn the ancient method of drilling holes.  Walking through this site, you will also learn how these tools and jobs connect with what’s written in the bible, and how they connect to Jesus’ life.

Ancient Village of Katzrin

In the Golan, visit the ancient village of Katzrin, and learn how to use the actual ancient tools that were discovered on site!  The only location in Israel with permission to use real ancient artifacts, connect to your ancestors using the same exact (not replicas) tools that they once used.

Belle Ofri (near Natur)

Also in the Golan visit this local couple who are incredibly connected to the land and created an ecological farm.  Not only do they serve all homemade foods for a delicious meal, but they allow you to make your own olive oil, bread, cheese, and grape juice.  Though you make most of them with modern tools, they first do a workshop suitable for all ages bringing you through the evolution of the tools, leading up to today’s.

No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, or where you are in the country, there is an amazing, hands on opportunity for you and your family! Here at Dekel Tours, whether you are looking for just a luxury day tour in Israel, or a whole private tour in Israel, we are happy to include these options which are fun for the whole family and make history come alive!