Enjoy a rich cultural exploration of the flavors, aromas, and gastronomical heritage of Israel

Private Culinary Tours in Israel

There is more than one way to explore a country. In addition to being rich in history, culture, and religion when it comes to the gastronomy department Israel continues to pleasantly surprise. The local cuisine, while in large reflecting the Middle Eastern flavors, has influences from all over the world. The country is filled with amazing wineries, farms, and other authentic gastronomic experiences.

At Dekel Tours, we plan and organize private, fully customizable Israel tours. Throughout the years of working with our clients, we have designed a number of Specialty Tours, where clients get to experience a certain side of the country based on their specific interests. Read on to find out how we design our clients’ itineraries and the activities we recommend to those interested in a culinary experience in Israel.

Israeli Souks (Markets)

Visiting a food market is a must-do when touring Israel. Luckily, there is no shortage of souks in Israel, and you can treat yourself to a local delicacy in every part of the country. You can visit the markets and taste wonderful foods from local vendors, buy local goods and produce, and enjoy the quintessentially Israeli chaos of market shopping. Almost every major market offers guided tours, tasting tours, and cooking workshops, which we always recommend our clients to take advantage of.


Israel’s wine scene has been developing rapidly in recent years, and this has resulted in new boutique wineries opening all over the country. Anywhere you go in Israel, you can find a hidden treasure, a combination of breathtaking views, quality wines, and fascinating personal and business stories.

Most wineries offer in-depth tours that highlight the entire wine-making process: from tilling the soil, through harvesting and pressing the grapes, and finally to barrel-aging and bottling the different wines. As part of your tours, you will be invited to relax in the winery’s garden and sample a number of their select wines.

Farm visits

These types of tours will take you directly to the fields, where you’ll get an up-close introduction to the regional produce from a culinary and historical perspective. You might even pick your own seasonal herbs, fruits, and vegetables. After you harvest your produce, you might partake in a culinary workshop that will allow you to fully experience the farm-to-table philosophy and truly connect with the Land of Israel through its wonderful agricultural offerings.

You can partake in one of the interactive tours of an agricultural farm in the North, which will include a presentation of their livestock care and on-site oil press, wine press, and clay ovens. See how the residents actualize the principles of ecological sustainability, a recreation of the ancient farming life, and family initiatives in times of crisis.

Cooking workshops

Try out your chef skills as part of your food market tour or while visiting one of the Druze villages in the North, where you’ll be welcomed by a host family and invited to learn about the Druze culture in Israel and get a taste of traditional Druze cuisine through a hands-on cooking workshop and lunch.

Visit an ice cream shop and participate in a hands-on workshop that will turn you into a professional ice cream artisan, roll out some pasta dough in a fun culinary workshop at the Adir Winery, visit a Kibbutz Deganya and make chocolate, or roll up your sleeves and get your hands sticky as you create your very own candy.

Bedouin experience

Experience desert life and the warm hospitality of a Bedouin community, as you learn about the rich Bedouin culture, ride on top of a camel, share a pot of traditional coffee or tea, enjoy a lavish feast and sleep in authentic Bedouin tents in the middle of the desert.

Private Culinary Tour with Dekel Tours

Being one of the leading Tour Operators here in Israel, we at Dekel Tours custom-design our clients’ private Israel tours and create once-in-a-lifetime trips for couples, families, friends, communities, and other types of groups. We offer free consultations to each client, where our aim is to learn about the special interests and tastes of each guest. We then hand-pick some of the best sites and activities available in the country to match those interests and tastes to create unforgettable, bucket-list experiences for our clients.

If you are interested in a Culinary and Wine or any other Israel Tour, book your free consultation with us today.


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