Planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel


Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony is an important event in the life of the boy and his family. Many Jewish families worldwide choose to celebrate their son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel, as there is no place more exciting and connected with Judaism than the land of Israel.

Planning a Bar Mitzvah in Israel is not a simple thing and there are many details to consider so that the big day, and the entire trip, will go smoothly and without any unpleasant surprises. To ensure that the entire family will have great memories of the event, decide on the best dates for you and make the flight arrangements to and from Israel. Then choose where to hold the Bar Mitzvah celebration, since it is the most important attraction of the trip and the reason you are planning your family trip to Israel. We can tell you that the most popular location for a Bar Mitzvah ceremony is the Western Wall, but there are many families who prefer places like Masada, which also have a symbolical meaning in Judaism. Find out beforehand what holding a ceremony in the place of your choice entails in terms of arrangements (for example, whether you need to go through an approval procedure or schedule in advance).


Bar Mitzvah Attractions


Private tours in Jerusalem

Before and after the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, there are different events you can organize. For example, the boy and his family can be accompanied to the ceremony by drums and/or shofar. After the ceremony many families celebrate with a meal. It is recommended to reserve tables at a good restaurant located near the ceremonial venue, and to do so in advance. In case you are planning the Bar Mitzvah ceremony at the Western Wall, you can also arrange a tour of the Old City, in which case it is important to choose a certified tour guide that knows the area in depth.

It is highly recommended to choose a hotel located close to the venue, at least for the night before the special day, so that you can organize calmly and arrive fresh and ready for the Bar Mitzvah. You should also consider staying for a second night at the same hotel if a long, activity-filled day is scheduled. In case you will be arriving in Israel with a relatively large group, it is recommended to make arrangements for private transportation in advance and if you are planning tours and activities for after the ceremony, make sure you reserve it for the entire day.


Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel


We know that families that come from abroad to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah in Israel do not arrive only for the ceremony. Although there is no doubt that the Bar Mitzvah ceremony is the most important event, the trip itself can provide many other singular and unifying experiences for the family members and can also relate to the family’s Jewish roots and connection with Israel.

Planning a family trip to Israel is quite a challenge, and even more so when a Bar Mitzvah celebration is the focal point. Dekel Tours is an Israeli tour agency which provides all-inclusive tour packages, and it specializes in personally tailored Bar Mitzvah tours in Israel, arranged according to the character and needs of the specific family. Dekel Tours offers a free trip consultation in order to understand the dates, budget, and family composition of those who will be coming to Israel. Dekel Tours puts emphasis on the family’s interests, values and what is important for them to see during their stay. Thanks to this information and the company’s extensive experience, Dekel Tours organizes a personalized schedule for the trip and takes care of everything required in order to ensure unforgettable memories for the entire family. From flight and sleeping arrangements to transportation throughout the stay and including tours, attractions, restaurants and more – Dekel Tours will take care of everything. And the highlight of the trip will be of course the Bar Mitzvah ceremony itself, arranged entirely according to the values of the family.