Oceans of Options: Snorkeling and Scuba in Israel

Don’t miss the wonderful outdoor adventure potential Israel has to offer! If you are planning a private tour in Israel, two magnificent seas bordering Israel offer great options for snorkeling and scuba diving. The Mediterranean Sea, along the coast offers many beautiful and educational spots to visit. The Red Sea (Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba) at the extreme southern end of the country offers unique diving opportunities.

Scuba diving in Israel
Scuba diving in Israel

You need not hold a diving license nor buy or bring diving equipment to get your feet wet. Many venues offer guided introductory dives with a personal instructor, and training for certification or renewal (refresher) of certification. Equipment is also available for rent, so you do not have to bother bringing your own. Dive sites are group friendly and offer choices for every experience level. Almost all the sites include nature as well as history offerings.

Here is a partial list of sites:

Eilat – on the Red Sea (Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba): The Red Sea is part of the Syrian-African Rift. The sudden drop from the shoreline facilitates unique “walk-in” deep water diving without the necessity or expense of a boat. Eilat boasts tens of diving clubs and schools, to provide you with guides, equipment and or any other service you could need. For those who wish to stay closer to the surface, many of the sites that offer scuba, also offer snorkeling options and a hybrid system called Snuba (Snorkel-Scuba) where divers do not need to carry a tank since the airtanks remain on the surface. The sites available to dive include coral reefs, caves and even several shipwrecks! You can visit the Satil Wreck, one of the ships “stolen” from France by the Israeli Navy. You can also visit nature dives like Neptune’s Tables, the Three Sisters or Moses Rock! Such dives offer views of the Red Sea’s amazing coral reefs; you can also end up diving or swimming with dolphins!

Tel Aviv – “The city that Never Sleeps” also offers up numerous options! Aside from its popular beaches, there are both nature and historic options for both snorkeling and Scuba. Gordon Reef with its amazing caves, or the Sea Wolf, a historic shipwreck to dive.

Cesarea: Offers nature and historical attractions. You can snorkel or dive around the ancient ruins of the 2000+ years old harbor, or reefs located nearby!

Achziv: on Israel’s Northern Coast offers many types of outdoor activities and nearby hiking and touring opportunities, so you can incorporate scuba or snorkeling activity as part of a private luxury day tour. The snorkeling and scuba allows more sea adventures and also the famous Rosh Hanikra caves!

All in All, if you are a family or group into adventure, Israel offers of ocean of options! Surely this is one way to make that trip a memory of a lifetime!


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